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Nourishing Communities: St. John’s, Indio, Transforms Kitchen with $50,000 Grant

Under Bishop Susan Brown Snook’s leadership, EDSD has made a significant effort to advance the understanding of how congregations can use their real estate assets to support mission-related projects. For many years, St. John’s in Indio has been doing this. The congregation has used their classrooms, parish hall, and kitchen through their various programs to serve the broader community. In May 2023, EDSD awarded the church a $50,000 grant to support an ambitious renovation of St. John’s kitchen. Their vision was to transform the kitchen into a multifaceted space that not only serves the congregation but also amplifies community outreach initiatives. Now that this renovation is complete, St. John’s is living up to their vision. 

The journey of transforming St. John’s kitchen began with a vision to create a space that embodied the church’s mission of community service and outreach. The renovation process was marked by careful planning and collaboration among the church members, architects, and builders–expanding the kitchen’s capabilities and making it a culinary haven for both congregation and community. Now, with newly painted and newly installed appliances, there is a palpable joy for the community service opportunities that lay ahead. 

The remodel focused on creating a kitchen that was not only more efficient and safe but also welcoming for volunteers. The introduction of state-of-the-art equipment and ergonomic design considerations meant that volunteers could now prepare meals in a comfortable and secure environment. This attention to detail in the kitchen’s design is rooted in a commitment to volunteer well-being and efficiency in serving others. 

Volunteers, both new and seasoned, found the renovated kitchen a joy to work in. The modern facilities and welcoming atmosphere inspired increased participation in the church’s ministry activities, thereby strengthening the bonds within the church community and beyond. The kitchen’s multipurpose nature allowed for a range of activities, from cooking classes to workshops, inviting everyone to engage and learn. 

With the kitchen’s capabilities vastly enhanced, St. John’s eagerly stepped into its role as a hub of compassionate service. St. John’s has extended its outreach programs, offering meals to those in need and hosting events that fostered community connection. The kitchen, once a simple place for meal preparation, has become a beacon of hope and service in the community. 

Beyond serving as a space for meal preparation and community service, the renovated kitchen has opened up new possibilities for catering and generating income. This potential revenue stream offered a sustainable way to support the church’s ministries and outreach programs, marking a significant step towards financial sustainability for St. John’s. 

Events at the church can take on a new dimension with the improved kitchen facilities; gatherings, celebrations, and community functions are now bolstered by the kitchen’s capabilities, making every event a memorable and seamless experiences. The renovated space was not just a physical transformation but a catalyst for creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of community. 

As St. John’s newly renovated kitchen continues to unfold its potential, it stands as a testament to the church’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its congregation and making a meaningful impact on the broader community. St. John’s, Indio, has not just remodeled a space; it has cultivated a nurturing environment that feeds the body, mind, and spirit of all those it serves.  

To learn more about diocesan grants or mission real estate projects, please visit EDSD’s website.


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