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The ministry of strengthening and building a congregation is a truly vital one. The maxim that if you’re standing still you’re probably really going backwards is as true of churches as it is of businesses. While there are no simple answers—every congregation is different and should celebrate the fact—there are extensive resources available to help each one discern the path that will work best, and then to act effectively.

On these pages, we hope you will find the latest information for people who are responsible for the financial and human resources of a pastoral charge.  An excellent reference to keep on hand is The Episcopal Church’s Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs.  Bookmark the link to have ready access to the latest version published by the Church.

These pages also contain best practices for financial planning and management for your congregation, as well as critical resources such as the latest salary guidelines. If you have read through these guidelines and still have questions, please contact The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk in the bishop’s office or call him: 619-291-5947.

All financial documents can be sent to:
P.O. Box 7920
San Diego, CA 92167


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