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Generations of joy and memories: Easters, Christmas mornings, weddings, memorials, graduations, quinceaneras, and concerts. The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is the place where we grow up–where we learn to live into the fullness of Christ, as leaders in courageous love.


You may already pray before meals or at bedtime, regularly reading Bible stories together, or engaging in acts of kindness and service. Jesus was a real person. We know of his life, his death, and his impact. However, a question we need to ask ourselves and talk about with our children is, “Who is he?” To understand the Christian faith, we have to get to know Jesus. In the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we help your family get to know Jesus Christ and grow in faith. Find a worshiping community near you or an Episcopal School


Is there anything better than laughing with friends? Diocesan youth programming is designed to create a community of joy, leadership, and faith. With youth-led programming, international mission trips, educational opportunities, and celebrations of all kinds, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego dedicates itself to the upbringing–and the learning from–the youth of the world. Learn More about Diocesan Youth Programing

Young Adults

San Diego is a young community. Home to three major universities and over 17 four-year colleges, our neighborhoods are filled with young adults that are learning, building lives, and starting careers. In a world that is ever-changing and seeming to grow more complicated with each day, we are here to help you find your way.


We continue to change and grow; it never stops. Our entire life, through adulthood, is a journey of growth in community. The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is the place to grow as an individual, as a family, as an elder. Whether you are looking for a local community church or a large cathedral congregation, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is the place to find deep faith and deep friendships.  Find a worshiping community near you

Education for Ministry and School for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM) is an opportunity to take a structured path of education about the Bible–designed for everyone to dive deep into the holy texts with a small group of fellow seekers.  

The School for Ministry (SFM) is a theological training program, led by multiple university-level professors, for anyone interested in learning more about Hebrew Scriptures, Christian Scriptures, church history, liturgics, pastoral care, global Anglicanism, and more. It is open to everyone–especially those that are considering ordained ministry.

Auditing a course is welcomed and encouraged, as is visiting for one class to see how you like it. Learn More about these opportunities

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