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Multicultural Ministries

In a world that often seems divided, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego seeks to be an example of unity and inclusion, striving to embody Christ’s message of universal love and acceptance. We not only honor the unique journeys of our members but also draw upon the collective wisdom of different cultures to enrich our faith and worship. 

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego recognizes the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds that constitute our church community. Multicultural ministry serves as an avenue toward celebrating the diverse experiences, traditions, and perspectives of all our communities. 

Through dialogue, fellowship, and mutual respect, this ministry promotes a deeper understanding among congregants, enabling us to be both a reflection of the global face of Christianity and a living testament to the power of faith to bridge divides.

Contact Multicultural Missioner Rachel Ambasing at rambasing@edsd.org to learn more about Multicultural Ministry in EDSD.

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