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Episcopal Evangelism 101

EDSD’s Evangelism 101 course explores a non-anxious form of evangelism rooted in the Episcopal tradition. Students will discuss the theological roots of the gospel and how to lead a congregation toward evangelistic practice by example. Those that finish the course may be nominated for lay evangelist licensing.

At the end of this course, students will:

  • Be able to clearly articulate the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of place, neighborhood, and community in their ministry
  • Be able to recognize elements of intercultural, multicultural, and monocultural communities and learn strategies for moving toward intercultural ministry


  • Session 1 – Knowing and sharing your story
  • Session 2 – Noticing God’s story around you
  • Session 3 – Sharing God’s story with others
  • Session 4 – Inviting others into God’s story

Contact Canon Jason Evans (jevans@edsd.org) to inquire about upcoming course schedules.

Those that finish the course may be nominated for lay evangelist licensing.

Beginners Guide

Evangelism is the act of sharing the story of Jesus’s good news in our lives, our congregations, and in the world around us. Christians throughout history have believed that God changes lives. The word “metanoia” is used in Scripture to mean a complete change of mind, heart, or way of life in response to what God has done. Here you will find resources and principles to assist you and your faith community in sharing the good news.

Get to know your own story. Evangelism begins by noticing the good news of God’s presence in your life.

Examen: The examen is a simple prayer practice that cultivates your awareness of God’s activity in your life. You can find more information on the examen here.

Testimony: Sharing your “testimony”  means sharing the story of Jesus’s good news in your life with others. To find a brief tutorial for sharing your good news story click here.

Get to know the story of those around you. Once you understand God’s activity in your own life, you will begin to notice at work in the world around you. EDSD resources found on the community engagement section of our website will help you learn more about your neighborhood and discover the good news of what God is doing there.

Inviting others into God’s story. Every week in every congregation, the good news of Jesus is shared. Inviting people to church is sharing God’s good news! Use Invite Welcome Connect‘s Invite Checklist to see where your faith community can improve your invitation to others. Offer a 6-week workshop using Invited to teach congregants how to invite others to your church.

Practicing hospitality. When you experience a warm welcome, you are more open to hearing good news. Use Invite Welcome Connect‘s Welcome Checklist to improve hospitality practices in your faith community. If you want to go even further, conduct a complete assessment of welcome practices at your church with Community Activators’ Creating Welcoming Places Workbook.

Integrating others into God’s story. Of course, you hope that those who are invited to visit your congregation stick around and become a part of the community. Use Invite Welcome Connect‘s Connect Checklist to assess how well your congregation integrates visitors.   To find out more about EDSD’s lay licensed evangelist process click here.

Recommended Reading

A Credible Witness by Brenda Salter McNeil
Transforming Evangelism
by David Gortner
No Longer Strangers ed. Eugene Cho & Samira Izadi Page
Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reece
Surprise the World! by Michael Frost

Other Resources

Embracing Evangelism is a six-part digital course exploring our call to seek, name, and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people – and then invite everyone to more. Each session features teachings on Episcopal evangelism, group discussion, and exercises to help Episcopalians understand the ministry and call to evangelism. The full Embracing Evangelism series consists of six video sessions, each under 45 minutes. To learn more click here.

Invited is a series of short films and also a written resource developed by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, intended to be used by groups and communities to help foster conversation about what it means to engage in genuine, Christian invitation.

Invite Welcome Connect (IWC) is guided by the gospel imperative to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” the ministry of Invite Welcome Connect equips and empowers individuals and congregations to practice evangelism, hospitality, and connectedness. Find IWC’s toolkit and other resources here.

MissionInsite is an online demographic study tool created to assist congregations in understanding their “reach” into the community around them. The Diocese of San Diego is providing this resource to each congregation free of charge. If you are leader from a congregation within the diocese, you can set it up your account under the Diocese of San Diego here.  Our agency registration code is 3353D. For a brief tutorial on how to use MissionInsite click here.

The Neighboring Movement believes that an asset-based approach to neighboring can create lasting change in the world, reduce a host of social issues and increase the quality of life for individuals, communities, and beyond. Get tips to help you and your church be better neighbors and take their neighboring quiz to see what kind of neighbor you.

Unbinding the Gospel is a Lilly Endowment project that supports congregations with coaching and research for faith development and faith sharing. Find the book series and other resources here.

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