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An Ordered Church

The bishop, elected by convention, is the head of the diocese and is the ecclesiastical authority. She oversees and guides it in combination with the convention, the standing committee and the executive council. The rules and by-laws governing the diocese are known as the Diocesan Constitution and Canons.

Constitution & Canons

The rules and by-laws that govern our diocese are known as its Constitution and Canons. The Constitution is a relatively brief document which establishes the overall framework of our governance. The Canons fill out those rules in more specific detail.

Click here to download the Constitution and Canons 2021.

Executive Council

In its organizational life, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is constituted as a California nonprofit corporation. According to law, the board of directors of the diocesan executive council is the body which holds the authority to conduct the official business of the diocese, including controlling its property and exercising all other powers named in the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws.


The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook, chair
Mr. David Bagley, chancellor
Ms. Cynde Durnford-Branecki, secretary to convention and secretary
The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk, treasurer

November 2022 Term
Ms. Rachel Ambasing, St. Matthew’s, National City – appointed
Mr. Jamie Glorieux, Christ Church, Coronado
Mr. Patrick Grannan, St. Thomas, Temecula – appointed
Ms. Jan Romerdahl, St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert – appointed
The Rev. Janine Schenone, Good Samaritan, San Diego
Ms. Chikako Tsukada, All Saints’, Vista

November 2023 Term
The Rev. Roger Haenke, St. John’s, Chula Vista
Ms. Barbara Peralta, Good Shepherd, Bonita
Dr. Frank Rojas, St. Thomas, Temecula

November 2024 Term
The Rev. Carlos Exposito, All Saints’, San Diego
Ms. Judy Burton, St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert
Dr. Ward Fleri, Good Samaritan, San Diego

November 2025 Term
The Rev. Regan Schutz, Christ Church, Coronado
Mr. Greg Tuttle, St. Dunstan’s, San Diego
Ms. Diane Lopez Hughes, St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego

Standing Committee

The standing committee is a unique feature of organizational life in the Episcopal Church and exercises significant authority, ranging from granting consent to candidates for ordination to offering general advice to the bishop. The standing committee is composed of eight members: four clergy and four laity.


Mr. Darryl Peralta, president

The Rev. Brenda Sol, St. Andrew’s, Encinitas
Mr. Steve Turnbull, St. David’s, San Diego

The Rev. Colin Mathewson, St. Luke’s, San Diego
Mr. Darryl Peralta, Good Shephard, Bonita

The Ven. Penny Bridges, St. Paul’s Cathedral
Ms. Judy Brown, St. Alban’s, El Cajon

The Rev. Paul Carmona
Ms. Jen Jow, St. Paul’s Cathedral

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