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Ministry to Armed Forces

Ministry to Armed Forces personnel is a continuing need in our diocese. Large numbers of young people continue to enter and serve in the military, and subsequently return to civilian life at the end of their tour of duty. Parochial ministry to those who serve in the Armed Forces should include prayers and recognition when they leave for active duty, when they return home on leave, and when they finally return to civilian status. Caring for their families while the loved one is deployed is also part of our call. Placing service men and women on parish mailings lists and sending them an occasional letter does much to cement home ties and bring the service person home as an active parishioner.

Year of Service: Military Service Project

Throughout 2023, churches across EDSD participated in the Year of Service. Hundreds of people were aided by programs focusing on creation care and migration. As a final diocesan-wide service project for the year, in honor of Veteran’s Day and alongside the business of Diocesan Convention, we are assembling care packages for sailors soon to be deployed out of San Diego.

Our goal?
Sharing the love of Christ by assembling 200 care packages for sailors soon to be deployed out of San Diego.

Why this initiative?
Deployments often leave sailors longing for the comforts of home and missing loved ones. Our care packages, filled with essential items and personalized notes, aim to provide a touch of comfort and a clear message: We see you and we love you.

Where will this be?
During Diocesan Convention on Saturday, November 11 you will find the epicenter of our military ministry service project in the Cathedral’s new Guild Room.

How can I help?
We invite attendees to be a part of the package assembly process. Engage in conversations, write personal notes of gratitude, and experience firsthand the joy of collective giving. You can also donate to this effort by clicking here. Donations will assist in the purchasing of care package materials.

To learn more, contact the Chaplain, Teriean “Randy” Cash at tcash@edsd.org.

Support Military Ministry

Becoming a Military and Veteran-Friendly Parish

Did you know that veterans are 10 times more likely to go to clergy than all other Mental Health Providers? Often they are seeking a more comfortable place, like a church or clergy for help with their problems. We can be there for them! In association with the Military Chaplain Association, the “Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation (VMFC) was conceived to promote a sense of community, acceptance and support for Veterans and their families.” Our churches can be those places where our military and veterans find support.

A key aspect of our Diocesan Military Ministry is to build programs that act as a support structure for military members, veterans, and their family members in our parishes. Building Military Ministries in each congregation is our goal.

We look forward to working closely with congregational leaders in providing resources. In order for you to be recognized as a “Veteran Military Friendly Congregation or Ministry” you need only to follow through with these steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate VMFC enrollment form at https://vmfc-usa.org/
  2. Discover who in your community has served in the military.
  3. Designate a member of that group to be a point of contact with Fr. Munoz and VMFC.
  4. Invite us to lead a discussion with your congregation about the needs of your particular veterans and military families.
  5. Design a ministry to meet the specific needs of your veterans and their families. We can help you with that part.
  6. Your commitment toward becoming a VMF congregation begins with raising awareness among parishioners that you now have this program in place. We urge you to publish this ministry in your bulletins, newsletter, blogs, and websites. Your veterans and their families need to know they can turn to your parish for assistance.
  7. Provide permission to the Military Chaplains Association and their affiliates to list your congregation information on their website.

We stand ready to help you. Thank you again for what you will do to serve those who have served! For more information about how to support our Military and Veterans, contact Chaplain Teriean “Randy” Cash at tcash@edsd.org. We invite you to view this video for more information:

Request for More Information

To learn more, contact the Chaplain, Teriean “Randy” Cash at tcash@edsd.org

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