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We Believe: EDSD Collaborative Confirmation

Confirmation programs are a profoundly moving and connective experience. When infants and young children are baptized, their parents and godparents promise to nurture them in faith and commit them to the way of Jesus–a life characterized by prayer, service, justice, forgiveness, and love. At confirmation, teenagers are invited to choose this way for themselves. Even youth who do not choose to be confirmed come out of the program profoundly changed.

And yet every journey would be richer with companions on the road. Peers to walk with, laugh with, and share the work, shape the experience and make the challenging days more bearable.

Jesus modeled that for us, too.

It was from this idea that the collaborative confirmation project was born. A hybrid program, with in-person gatherings and online meetings, will provide access to young people across our diocese. Broadening the landscape increases the number of young people in the cohort and means that whether a congregation has a robust youth group or just a few teens that attend each week, they will journey with friends.

At the end of the six-week program, teens will be eligible for confirmation in their home congregation.

We Believe… kicks off on the first Sunday of Lent and concludes in Holy Week; what an extraordinary season to choose to walk more closely with Christ. What an exquisite gift to claim your baptism vows as we journey with Jesus to the cross.

More information and registration can be found through this link.


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