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St. Michael’s By the Sea in Carlsbad has made an exciting contribution to the life of the diocese by offering participation in their Morning and Evening Prayer on Zoom. 

As Tony Vanaria, Senior Warden, said, “Morning and Evening Prayer have connected and strengthened us at Saint Michael’s in our ongoing spiritual journey, increasing our sense of Community, promoting our Ministry, and reinforcing that we are One in the Body of Christ. Our prayer and what we feel to be a calling is for the Daily Office to spread and become practice throughout all our congregations; joining those who otherwise may never meet, in common and communal prayer across the Diocese.”

Beginning this Lent, the Diocese will be partnering with St. Michael’s to offer morning and evening prayer six days a week online.

Morning Prayer
Monday – Saturday @ 8:30 am
Sunday (Streamed from Chapel) @ 9:00 am
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 840 2605 0370
Passcode: 1894

Evening Prayer
Monday – Friday @ 5:30 pm
Saturday (Streamed from Chapel) @ 5:00 pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 881 6130 9294
Password: 1894

Morning and Evening Prayer is an ancient tradition in the Church and provides a wonderful way to connect with God at the beginning and end of every day. Set your daily rhythm to the beat of prayer and connecting with God.  

As far back as anyone at Saint Michael’s By-The-Sea in Carlsbad can remember, and certainly, long before 1993 when Tony Vanaria became a member, the parish held the Daily Office, Morning and Evening Prayer, as a long-standing custom. 

Prior to the pandemic, the Daily Office was prayed in-person and in our chapel, led by one of our lay readers. After a few weeks of no services, including Daily Office and Mass itself, led to months. The uncertainty of not knowing when services could resume becoming our new reality. With that, our Rector, the Rev. Doran Stambaugh and the Senior Warden, held a discussion regarding what might attempted, and the idea for the Online Daily Office via Zoom was born.

Vanaria said, “Never did we imagine what, through God’s Grace, the result would be.”

Almost overnight, Daily Office attendance took off and helped lead St. Michael’s spiritually through the pandemic. Today, attendance for the Online Daily Office Zoom stands at 10+ parishioners and has seen as many as 17 attend on a recent Wednesday morning. The Daily Office Zoom is a bridge to the faithful, who may be alone or otherwise find themselves unable to attend church in person. 

Vanaria said, “Personally, as a lay reader and acolyte, reading and praying the Office has forever increased my knowledge and awareness of scripture, and brought new meaning to me in understanding the Mass itself and why we do what we do.”

Morning and Evening Prayer have connected and strengthened the people of  St. Michael’s in their ongoing spiritual journey, increasing their sense of Community, promoting their Ministry, and reinforcing the One Body in Christ. 

“Our prayer and what we feel to be a calling is for the Daily Office to spread and become a practice throughout all our congregations, joining those who otherwise may never meet in common and communal prayer across the Diocese,” said Vanaria.


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