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Sharing the Holy Mystery: Eucharistic Visitors

When we are called to visit someone in their home to provide Eucharist, it is often a time of transition in their lives. Whether it be a temporary or chronic health issue, becoming less mobile from the natural process of aging, or some other reason, we are being invited into their home at a sensitive time for them and their families.

I recall visiting an elderly woman near the end of her life. The family requested the visit. Her two adult sons and four grandchildren surrounded her and sang Ukrainian lullabies. She could clearly hear the music and soft voices as she smiled gently and squeezed my hand. 

It has been a huge gift for me to bring the precious gift of the Holy Eucharist to people in that intimate setting. I get to watch the comfort and relief it can bring someone at a difficult time in their life. The vulnerability and closeness between us as we share the holy mystery of one bread and one cup have radically transformed my relationship with Christ. At Eucharistic Visitations, I witness His love and healing in people’s lives.

I love our EV service. It is a condensed version of the church service from which we are sent forth. At my Sunday morning service, I take notes during the enlivening sermon to give a brief synopsis later. As a result, my listening skills and understanding of scripture have sharpened. 

Something that surprises me is that no matter what state a person is in, they can almost always recite The Lord’s Prayer! It is inspiring to see people’s eyes light up when we bring flowers and the news from the congregation, connecting them to the goings-on of our church. It is an awesome privilege and a joy to serve on the team–to be the bearer of these holy gifts to our fellow parishioners.

Being an EV is an incredible opportunity to serve God and our community, get to know our fellows deeper, make wonderful new friends and become a more integral part of the widely diverse church community.

If you are yearning for a way to serve your church that is sacramental and pastoral, if you are looking for ways to enrich your own spiritual and faith journey, becoming a Eucharistic Visitor is for you!

Have you thought about serving as a bridge between the church and those unable to attend Sunday worship or participate in other church activities? Eucharistic Visitors bring their presence, the congregation’s goodwill, and the sacraments to share with the sick, disabled, or lonely. \

Whether you are a novice, interested in being a trainer, or a seasoned Eucharistic Visitor, opportunities abound to learn more, develop or improve skills and become more deeply connected in how we serve God and our church. 

How we become involved in the church’s ministry as Eucharistic Visitors varies. For some, an inner sense tells us, “This is what I ought to do.” For some, our clergy asks us about becoming involved in this ministry. Others may be requested by their priest, deacon, or warden to fill a need in the congregation. Beyond how we begin our involvement in lay ministry, God’s reality calls us to do so. Jesus’ words to his first disciples also apply to us: “You did not choose Me, but I chose you.” [John 15:16]  

The workshop includes conversations around What Does It Mean to Care, Small Group Role Play/Case Studies, Eucharistic Visitor Preparation, and Reporting and Tracking Eucharistic Visitations. 

The workshops, convened and led by The Rev. Canon Nancy R. Holland, Deacon, will be via ZOOM from 9 am – 2 pm, with two short breaks and a 30-minute midday break. 

There is no cost to attend. The diocese has Lay Licensing requirements to be met before workshop participation. You can register by clicking on your preferred training date below: 

Class Dates

August 23

November 15

As Eucharistic Visitors, we share our “Eucharistic Life” with those we visit, bonding them with the congregation. What is a Eucharistic Life? Theologian Henri Nouwen says it is a life “in which everything becomes a way of saying “Thank you” ….” Service as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor enables us to live a life of gratitude with greater inner attentiveness. Are you ready to take this journey? 

Please connect with Deacon Nancy if you have questions at 619.823.8998, or hollandnc46@gmail.com


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