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Good News Festival Headliners

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is excited to announce the headliners for the Good News Festival! The Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be joined by social justice leader, The Rev. Dr. William Barber! With two of the greatest public speakers in a generation, the Good News Festival is primed to be the most energizing spiritual event this Fall.
But that’s not all! Joining these two unparalleled preachers is The Voices of Our City choir! You may remember this street choir from America’s Got Talent, where they were honored with the ‘Golden Buzzer’ for their performance.
There has never been a better time to start inviting people to this amazing offering! Welcome your friends, families, and neighbors to the Good News Festival on December 9-10, 2022! And stay tuned–The Good News Festival has more coming your way! Save Your Seat for the Good News Festival Here

“There is no religious left and religious right. There is only a moral center. The scripture is very clear about where you have to be, to be in the moral center – you have to be on the side of the poor, the working, the sick, and the immigrant.” -The Rev. Dr. William Barber II
The Rev. Dr. William Barber is one of the most prominent advocates for poor people in this country. Publicly preaching on the plight of low-income people, Rev. Barber refuses to engage in diversionary fights–he sticks to the Gospel. The philosopher Cornel West called him “the closest person we have to a Martin Luther King Jr.” With Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Rev. Dr. William Barber, two of the best preachers in a generation joining us, sharing the Good News of Christ has never been easier. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join you for this free, joy-filled event.

The Voices of Our City Choir is an awe-inspiring group that celebrates the good news with every single note. Comprised of homeless members, the Voices of Our City Choir helps show the very real faces of those struggling to find housing in San Diego. Come and hear the beauty. Come and hear the good news.
The Voices of Our City Choir began as a grassroots movement and swelled to more than 225 members, and has helped over 60 members get off the street and into housing.
Save Your Seat for the Good News Festival Here

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One reply to “Good News Festival Headliners

  1. Hail Porn | on October 3, 2022

    Long living the peace

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