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Faith to Go: The First Step of Today’s Journey

Five years ago, Faith To Go began as an at-home offering for families at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Since then, it has undergone countless tweaks, changes, and transformations.  And now, in this season after Epiphany, we are entering a new stage in the life of Faith To Go. With the diocesan strategic plan goal of equipping “congregations to enable all people to grow as followers of Jesus through intentional personal and communal practices” in mind, the Faith To Go formation team has recreated this vibrant diocesan offering to help support spiritual and theological reflection not just for children and families, but for people at every age and stage of life.

As spiritual teacher Richar Rohr says, our spiritual journey is cyclical rather than linear.  He identifies three stages of this journey (order, disorder, reorder) that we cycle through over and over again throughout the course of our lives.  In a similar vein we have created the new Faith To Go resources in four categories, representing four stages of this ongoing, life-long cycle.  Those are “A New Journey” meant for times when you are exploring a new part of your identity, “Learning the Terrain” for when you are wanting to go deeper into the mystery of the tradition, “Hitting Your Stride” for when you are looking to act in the world, or “Off the Path” for when you find yourself running out of answers. And then, of course, the whole cycle starts over as we wrestle with our deepest spiritual questions and something new emerges in us.  Our hope in this newest iteration of offerings is that they meet you, your family, or your community wherever you are on your spiritual journey and act as a tool for your own growth and transformation as you walk the life-long journey of discipleship.

Every week these new resources will come out focused on the themes for the upcoming Sunday’s gospel reading.  Along with these online resources for individual, family, and group reflection is a weekly all-ages podcast featuring a discussion of the gospel reading.  Whether you are looking for ways to reflect on your own, have a discussion with your family, or lead a discussion in Sunday School or with a small group, Faith to go is here to support you as an individual, as a parent, and as a member of your community. Today, take some time to check out the website, use some of the resources, and listen to this week’s podcast.  See what resonates with you, then tell us about it.  Tag us (@faithtogo) in an Instagram post sharing your favorite resources from that week.  Send us an email (faithtogo@edsd.org) with a question or a comment.  Leave us a voicemail (562-384-7638) sharing a place where you’ve felt God’s movement in your life.

Wherever you are in the world, wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey, we hope Faith To Go will meet you there, helping you to reflect on your identity, learn more about the Christian tradition, discern your vocation in the world, and support you in asking the hard questions of life. Enjoy this offering and may if be for you a helpful guide on your journey.

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  1. Barbara Coryell O'Malley | on January 15, 2022

    Would love to learn more. Sign me up!

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