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5 Ways to Prepare for Easter

Pew Research Center reports that the highest share of searches for “church” is for Easter Sunday. We know that Easter is the center of our faith, and the secular world does too! This presents an opportunity for you and your church. Here are five suggestions to help you prepare for those that will attend your services in hopes that they may return throughout the coming year.

Number 1: Start Inviting People

The Diocese is preparing a simple Easter video for you to share and re-publish. Encourage folks to invite others through social media. And while it may feel like a digital world, printed materials still work! Place these printed invitations in bulletins prior to Holy Week and encourage folks to hand them out to neighbors, loved ones, and friends. A personal invitation is still the best way to bring someone to church.

Number 2: Update Your Web Presence

The doors that open into the church are not the first set of “doors” visitors will open. Your website and social media are the metaphorical front doors of your church. Make sure that your location, service times for Holy Week, and Easter services are easily viewed before scrolling. And make sure your COVID-19 protocols are clear so that attendees come prepared. If you have a marketing budget, Facebook and Google ads are inexpensive for the return they can provide. 

Number 3: Prepare to Welcome Guests

Ushers and greeters that offer a warm welcome to guests have a significant impact. Ensure your guests are welcomed at the door with a smile. Keep it as simple as possible. Make sure regular attendees are prepared to kindly assist if they see someone struggling or unsure of how to participate. And make sure the church is uncluttered, the bathrooms are clean, and the children’s areas are arranged–make it simple for guests to find where they need to go. 

Number 4: Follow Up with Visitors

Collect contact information from those willing to share it. Follow up within three days. Invite them to another upcoming special event or service. You might even let attendees know when the next confirmation or membership course starts. Whether a guestbook or pew card, be ready to collect your guests’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses. And make sure you ask for permission to add them to your mailing list or e-newsletter. For a follow-up; thank them for attending; and invite them back by phone, email, or mail. 

Number 5: Pray for Others

Easter is the heart of the church tradition. Where the darkness is overcome by light. Start praying for your guests now. Pray for those experiencing loss and those experiencing joy; that all may encounter Christ’s presence during this season.

Thank you for watching this episode of Transformation Academy. Be sure to subscribe and share this with your friends! God Bless and have a joy-filled Eastertide. 

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2 replies to “5 Ways to Prepare for Easter

  1. Carole Horton-Howe | on March 17, 2022

    Thank you, Chris. When will the diocese’s video be ready? And where can we find it? We’re excited about putting it on our FB page.

  2. George Calvert | on March 18, 2022

    Dear Chris,
    Please send the video and any other materials to:


    We are very interested!
    Fr George Calvert

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