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If your church does not currently have a web site, then it really, really should. Once you have a site, keep it up to date. At the very least, make sure that service times are correct, but preferably refresh the text and photos weekly.

The following services are affordable, relatively easy to use, and allow a non-technical editor to create and maintain an attractive and effective site:

For a simple site, you might want to consider using the blogging service Wordpress. Here are a few examples:

The Episcopal Church also has a brand identity and affordable website program.  Click here for more information.

Another option is to use a Facebook page where you can post pictures, videos, comments and notes for free. Contact Hannah Wilder for assistance. The following are a few examples of diocesan churches that are using Facebook effectively.


Congregations with video on their web sites report that their presence on the web is a major source of new members and inquirers. One should note that this great success may be partly a function of the fact that only those most comfortable with the medium have so far used it–a video of an uncomfortable-looking priest shifting nervously from foot to foot would be unlikely to have the same effect. We urge you, however, to do your utmost to become comfortable with the idea of video and to embrace it. For advice on working with video and embedding it in your web site or linking to it from your emails, please contact the Communications Office.


Adding snippets of sermons, clips of your choir in full voice or other audio elements to your web site can hugely enhance its value. Again, if you need guidance, please consult the communications office.

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