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Print or Electronic

A few years ago there was a sharp movement toward wholesale embracing of electronic communications such as emails and websites and doing away almost entirely with printed newsletters, fliers, bulletins, etc. This shift was premature; today we’re finding that you need to do both to reach the maximum number of people.

Electronic marketing definitely saves money, but surveys show that people are more likely to open and read old-fashioned snail mail.

Many Episcopalians are concerned about the environmental impact of print communications, and rightly so. Today, green printing options abound; with the proper education, your congregants can rest easy knowing your newsletters and snail mail pieces are earth friendly.

In summary, you need both print and electronic communications to effectively reach all your audiences. Remember, it takes hearing a message seven times in seven different ways before it will actually stick.

Printed Materials

Church newsletters/magazines appeal mightily to those who relish the feel of paper in their hands rather than the buzz of electronics. They are an important medium for spreading the word. They can, however, also be a significant financial burden. In some cases, you may be able to meet this burden with advertising. Companies exist that will sell advertising (to vendors approved by you) at the back of your newsletter and print the newsletter for you at no cost to you. Contact the Communications Office for more details.

Congregational Communications

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