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Standing Committee President Steps Down

To encourage a process grounded in prayer, the standing committee is in the process of calling together a team of chaplains, lay and clergy, from across the diocese. Some chaplains have already been identified, but we hope that more who are interested in being part of a chaplaincy team will contact us. A group of 15 gathered in May, and identified current areas of need for intercessory prayer. Since then, chaplains have been lifting to God in prayer: Bishop Mathes and Terri, the diocesan staff and the standing committee, all congregations of the diocese, and the process itself.

When asked to reflect on their interest in chaplaincy, two members of the team shared: “Prayer is part of who I am and what I do. I am honored to pray for this diocese.” And: “My hope is to be present to any who might need spiritual support throughout this process, and thus to be challenged and stretched myself by this journey.”

If you or someone you know might be interested in serving on a chaplaincy team, please contact the Rev. Gwynn Lynch or the Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell (if before July 7, please contact Laura). Our goal is to gather a team of chaplains who reflect the unity and diversity of our diocese, to use technology for those who can only work remotely, to offer spiritual resources that will encourage every church and member of the diocese to pray, and to nurture a process steeped in prayer.

We are already experiencing the fruits of surrounding our transition work with prayer. A wonderful farewell for Bishop Mathes and Terri occurred on May  27 in the Coachella Valley, and we look forward to another great turnout on July 1. Please participate if you possibly can, so that we might appropriately thank Bishop Mathes for his 12 years of service and wish him continued blessings.  We have hired the Rev. L. Ann Hallisey as consultant to guide our further work. Based in Northern California, Ann understands the cultural context of west coast ministry. She has served in five parishes, as a marriage and family therapist, as dean of students at Church Divinity School of the Pacific (our Episcopal Seminary in Berkeley) and as a consultant to episcopal elections since 2001.

Before July 1, we expect to complete selection of an assisting bishop who will act on behalf of the standing committee in crucial ways.

In this season of transition, the standing committee is experiencing a transition of its own at the end of this month, as the Rev. Simon Mainwaring steps down and Mr. Jim Stiven takes over the presidency. Simon and Monica and their three children are leaving San Diego in mid-July as Simon takes up a position as rector of All Saints’, Atlanta. When the bishop communicated his intention to resign, Simon was already a couple of months into his process with All Saints’. Noting the possibility of Simon’s departure and the otherwise regular change-over of president annually, plans were made for continuity during the bishop transition with Jim Stiven elected as president-designate. Jim, a retired judge, has been working in partnership with Simon on all of the leadership functions of the standing committee since our transition work began, and so we expect this change of leadership to be smooth and organic. The effective date for the transition from Simon to Jim will be July 1, and from that date Jim Stiven can be  reached at: scpresident@edsd.org. The entire diocese has been richly blessed by Simon’s leadership on the standing committee, and we are deeply thankful to him. We wish Godspeed to him and Monica in the Diocese of Atlanta.

We also thank the entire diocesan community for your prayers and support.  Please join us in expressing thanks to the diocesan staff, all of whom are keeping things running smoothly and continue your supportive prayers.


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