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Protecting All God’s People

In our baptismal covenant, God’s people promise to respect the dignity of every human being. One of the chief ways we do so in The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is by committing ourselves to the protection of vulnerable people. All of us may be vulnerable at some point in our lives, and we all should be able to trust that our Christian community will support, love, and protect us in our time of vulnerability.   

To that end, the Executive Council of the Diocese has approved two new policies: The Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults, and The Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth. These policies are based on models developed by The Episcopal Church, and they have been customized for our own use. These new policies outline how to be appropriate when doing ministry with others.  

Many volunteer positions at churches require Safe Church – Safe Communities training. All clergy, church employees, and youth ministers are required to complete the entire training package every three years. Other ministries only need to complete portions of the training. The matrix for training can be found here.

You can find the Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults and the Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth here. Included in the policies is a guide to Safe Church, Safe Communities training (formerly known as Safeguarding God’s People).  

Thank you for all the ways you serve God’s people! 


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