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Epiphany and Lent Resources

Epiphany and Lent Resources

You can find the lessons for each Sunday here: http://www.lectionarypage.net/CalndrsIndexes/Calendar2017.html

Our three Episcopal publishers have an assortment of seasonal resources; search for Epiphany or Lent:

Forward Movement: https://www.forwardmovement.org

Church Publishing: https://www.churchpublishing.org

LeaderResources: https://www.leaderresources.org

The Episcopal Church Foundation has articles and links to resources here: http://www.ecfvp.org

Cokesbury is a United Methodist retailer with these Lenten resources: https://www.cokesbury.com/lent

Anglicans Online has resources listed here: http://anglicansonline.org/resources/seasonal.html

Our United Methodist colleagues have a list of their resources here: http://www.umcdiscipleship.org/leadership-resources

Our Lutheran colleagues have resources that you will be able to find here: https://www.elca.org/en/Resources

The Anglican Church of Canada has resources here: http://www.anglican.ca

The Society of St. John the Evangelist (Cowley Brothers), a monastic community in Cambridge, MA, usually have excellent resources. You can sign up to get notice of when resources are posted or just find them here: http://ssje.org/ssje/faith-formation-offerings/

The Episcopal Church has free Sunday School lesson plans for year round. You can find seasonal lessons on this site by searching for “your topic” and then on the left side select “Lesson Plans.” The entire series can be found here: http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/lessons/

Lenten Books

Lent is Not Rocket Science: An Exploration of God, Creation, and the Cosmos The season of Lent prompts us to ask questions, big and small, about the nature of our being, and about our role in the world. In these daily Lenten reflections, astronomer, physicist, and Episcopal Bishop W. Nicholas Knisely explores the intersection of faith and science, creation and the cosmos. http://www.forwardmovement.org/Products/2146/lent-is-not-rocket-science.aspx

Journey to Easter: Reflections on the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts
Bishop Knisely invites you on a journey through Luke and Acts. Originally written as a personal meditation book for Lent, this book can be used for group Bible study or as a daily refection one (or two) chapters from two of the major books of the New Testament. “Journey to Easter” is a pilgrimage text — a way for you to travel through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and encounter him in your own day-to-day life. http://www.leaderresources.org/Journey-to-Easter-Reflections-on-the-Gospel-of-Luke-and-Book-of-ActsLent_p_230.html

 Other Resources:

The Feast of Light: An Epiphany Pageant
This service is one of darkness and light, showing how the message of Jesus spread throughout the world and throughout the ages to the present day. Brief stories of individuals are shared from characters such as Mary, the apostles, early church figures, saints, missionaries and founders of local traditions. It can be personalized to include your own church’s history. It can take the form of a simple liturgy of lighting candles in the sanctuary or can be one in which participants dress in costume to represent each of the persons in history helped spread the Light of Christ. Traditionally, it is held on the Feast of the Epiphany, or on an evening at the beginning of this season. https://www.churchpublishing.org/products/thefeastoflights

Know Chocolate for Lent
This resource uses the growing and manufacturing process of chocolate as a metaphor for the growth of faith and discipleship in the Christian life while guiding participants through Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. It helps the entire congregation reflect on the significance of the gifts that they often take for granted-the gift of chocolate and the gift of faith. Ten sessions, Worship (including Children’s sermons), Nurture (families), Education (Sunday school sessions for children and adult education sessions), and Enhancements (reproducible designs for banners, posters, etc.). Also includes Adult Education sessions and a Women’s Retreat called “A Chocolate Feast: Celebrating God’s Goodness” (which could be used for any group) and family devotions and activities. Optional companion booklets for participants are available. (e-book is free for RI churches; printed books must be purchased; volume discounts available) http://www.leaderresources.org/KnowChocolateBook

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