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In recent weeks, Southern California experienced unprecedented rainfall, leading to a surge in weather-related challenges for homeowners and organizations alike. This deluge has not only saturated landscapes but has also put many buildings to the test. Among these are church buildings, some of which have reported issues with leaky roofs and other related physical plant problems. Proper maintenance and preventative measures are crucial to safeguarding these valuable properties against the elements. As we navigate through the winter and spring seasons, addressing these concerns promptly can help mitigate further damage and ensure the longevity of these community pillars.

The EDSD Property Committee exists to assist congregations with all matters concerning the maintenance of church property. The committee has some preventative maintenance suggestions it would like to pass on to mediate damage to your property in the future. It also wants to share some hints on solar systems. The committee’s recommendations are below.


Several roofing companies will do a complete roof evaluation for free or for a nominal fee. The property committee can help fund these inspections for both missions and parishes.  Submit a grant request here: https://edsd.org/grants/

Pay attention during and after it rains to major puddles or areas that are flooding. Evaluate the reasons and possible solutions. This will help to avoid failures in the future, such as sinkholes or major asphalt/cement cracks. Be especially alert for trip hazards in common areas and your parking lots. The property committee has dealt with several issues such as these in the past and can help make suggestions to avoid future damage and insurance claims.

Termites and wood rot are common issues at our churches. An inspection at least every 18 months will prevent roof and facia damage from occurring. Usually, these inspections are free, and the property committee can help fund these inspections if they are not free. Submit a grant request here: https://edsd.org/grants/


Many churches are interested in installing solar. We recommend that you get an electrical usage evaluation and switch to LED and other electric-saving options before committing to installing solar. Your usage is a big part of determining the size and cost of the equipment installed. We have helped several congregations with both these projects. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions/concerns.  Grant money may be available for either of these projects on a case-by-case basis.


Again, the Property Committee is here to help. The members of the committee have decades of experience with property management and repair issues. We are willing to visit your church to see whatever problems you might be experiencing and to give advice as needed. The chair of the Committee is Sandi Lanzarotta. Please contact the Rev. Canon Jeff Martinhauk at jmartinhauk@edsd.org, and he will put you in touch with Sandi.


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