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Diocesan Convention 2022 Recap

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego gathered at St. Bartholomew’s in Poway for the 49th Diocesan Convention Saturday, November 11. The joy of coming together IN-PERSON for the first time in three years was seen on every smiling face and in every conversation.

During Opening Eucharist, Bishop Susan recalls the ups and downs of the pandemic and looks to the story of Emmaus to remind us that chaos creates space to adapt–to grow into a way of being church. The amazing ministries throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego show that out of recent hardships, our church adapted with new, creative ways of sharing the good news of Christ’s love with the world. Watch the complete sermon below.

Bishop Susan gave her annual Address to Convention and announced the 2023 Year of Service. Watch the complete presentation below.

This year, Bishop Susan was honored to make these announcements:

Bishop Susan welcomes a new assisting bishop in our diocese. Of course, this bishop will be no stranger to our diocese, as he served as the IV Bishop of San Diego from 2005 to 2017. After serving at Virginia Theological Seminary until earlier this year, we are glad to welcome him back to San Diego, where he has retired with his wife, Terri. Bishop Mathes already serves in several capacities in our diocese, most notably as the dean of our diocesan School for Ministry, soon to enter a new era as the West Coast Collaborative School for Ministry, a partnership with the Dioceses of Northern California and El Camino Real. In this role, he has spearheaded a collaboration that will bear fruit for many years to come. In addition, Bishop Mathes serves as supply clergy in congregations, which we appreciate. Most of all, Bishop Susan is very grateful for the advice, and counsel Bishop Mathes provides and his unfailing support for our vision and ministry here. 

Jesus said, “The greatest among you must become like the least, and the leader like one who serves.” It is a pleasure for Bishop Susan to recognize two servant leaders in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, Darryl and Barbara Peralta.  

Darryl and Barbara are true servants of the gospel in our diocese. Darryl is currently serving as a member of the Standing Committee, and has served as its president for the past year. In the past, he has served as secretary of diocesan convention and secretary of Executive Council. He also consults with congregations in the diocese on questions of mission, ministry, and governance. Darryl has served on the National Board of Directors of Faith Alive, and both Darryl and Barbara have conducted Faith Alive weekends throughout the United States. Barbara is currently a member of Executive Council, where she has served on the stewardship and property committees. Darryl and Barbara are deeply involved in leadership in the Cursillo movement and have served as presidents of the Cursillo Secretariat, where they work with a dedicated team to bring the good news of Christ to others throughout our diocese, supporting that movement with personal ministry as well as prayer, worship, and witness as evangelists for Christ. 

In their own parish, Good Shepherd Bonita, both Darryl and Barbara have served as Senior Wardens, Eucharist Visitors, Chalice Bearers, Lectors, Ushers, and Stewardship Campaign Chairs. Both have been active in the Pastoral Care Committee for many years. Both have led Alpha Courses. Darryl also serves as an acolyte and has served on Good Shepherd’s Endowment Fund Board of Trustees. Barbara headed up Good Shepherd’s Renewal Works Program and has also served on the Endowment Board of Trustees. Barbara has served previously as Bookkeeper and as Treasurer. Barbara is also president of Daughters of the King.

Thank you, Darryl and Barbara, for your dedicated ministry in our diocese, in your home Church of the Good Shepherd, and in the Cursillo Movement. We are inspired by your servant ministry and your commitment to following Jesus.

In the book of Sirach, the writer proclaims: “Let us now sing the praises of famous men….There were those who gave counsel because they were intelligent; those who led the people by their counsels and their knowledge of the people’s lore; they were wise in their words of instruction.” 

In my time in this Diocese, Bishop Susan has come to depend on the wisdom of our chancellor, David Bagley. He has given much wise counsel and instruction to me and to the other leaders of our diocese. With unflagging patience, he negotiates the niceties of real estate contracts, and with the same devotion, he unravels the mysteries of the Constitution and Canons of our Diocese and of the Episcopal Church. He advises the bishop on sensitive, arcane, and difficult matters, takes time to consult with other chancellors and leaders of our congregations, and finds experts to support our church’s needs in many areas of law. While working in his own law practice, he still finds time to take calls and answer emails from the many people who need legal counsel to do the careful work of the church. He is a leader in his own parish of St. Dunstan’s, and an indispensable supporter and friend of our Episcopal Church. His personal care, compassion, sense of humor, and attention to the innumerable details of our church’s ministries are invaluable, and we are deeply grateful.  

Thank you, David, for your dedicated and invaluable ministry in our diocese and in your home Church of St. Dunstan’s. We are inspired by your servant ministry and your commitment to following Jesus. We owe you a great debt of thanks for your wise counsel and careful attention to our church. David, it is an honor to name you a Canon of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. 

Susan Jester and Martin Hall were presented with the first Good News Award in recognition of your exemplary proclamation by word and example of the Good News of God in Christ. Each year Bishop Susan will present this award to individuals whose evangelistic contribution has been especially appreciated during the past year. 

When Susan and Martin accepted the position of co-chairs to the Good News Festival task force, none of us could have anticipated the myriad challenges we would face before this event could come to completion. Throughout the delays and changes we have had to make, you have offered the wisdom of your experience and passion for the gospel as a guide to the work of this team. Because of your faithful service and countless hours of effort people from across the four counties we serve will hear the good news of Jesus Christ’s love for all proclaimed with joy and confidence. Their leadership, constancy, and commitment have brought us to this grand opportunity. 

Thank you for offering your gifts, your experience and your leadership to the Good News Festival task force as co-chair. With God’s help, may more and more know of God’s courageous love for them.

Every year, Bishop Susan is happy to honor individuals throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego for their diligent, faithful work in their church communities, as nominated by their clergy-in-charge.  This year, the following received the Servant Ministry Award:

Church of the Good Shepherd, Bonita – Doris Landry

St. Barnabas, Borrego Springs – Fred and LLouise Jee

St. John’s, Chula Vista – Diane Gustafson

St. Alban’s, El Cajon – Mary Zori

Sts. Peter and Paul, El Centro—Frances and Eric Rice

Church of the Good Shepherd, Hemet – Joyce Brightman

St. Matthew’s, National City – Leo Baroy

St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert – John Wright

St. Paul in the Desert, Palm Springs – Steve Moore

All Saints’, San Diego—Lucrecia Locke

Good Samaritan, San Diego – Carol Hamilton

St. Luke’s, San Diego – Laurie Macpherson

St. Timothy’s, San Diego – Melissa Weaver 

The proposed 2023 Diocesan Budget and Resolutions 22-01, 22-02, and 22-03 were passed unanimously. Review the 2023 Budget here and Resolutions here.

The results of elections to General Convention Deputation, Executive Council, Standing Committee, and more can be viewed here. 

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego concluded with a spirit-filled report and closing prayer from the Diocesan Youth Leadership Council. Watch their report and closing prayer below.

But that’s not all! 

In the keynote presentation on Friday, November 10, Canon Jason Evans, Jessica Ripper, and Canon Jeff Martinhauk discuss how the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego can use its assets, relationships, and more to help people have a place to call home. Watch the full keynote below.

Enjoy these photos by Diocesan Photographer Susan Forsburg here


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