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Church Community Builder and the EDSD Cellphone App

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego had been looking for new ways to help manage the contact information and increase engagement among our members. It is not a surprise that in 2023, many people prefer to connect digitally and engage online through cell phone applications. EDSD needed to adapt to keep up with the changing times.

After an exhaustive search, the Diocese discovered Church Community Builder and Pushpay–a digital giving and engagement platform designed specifically for churches and faith-based organizations. These platforms offer a range of features that the diocese believes can help better connect with its members. 

Through these new platforms, EDSD has developed an EDSD App–a custom cellphone application that takes us into the 21st century! The new EDSD cellphone application is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

With the EDSD App, members are able to create their own personalized profiles; where you can review your giving history, set up recurring donations, and make changes to your giving preferences at any time. Additionally, in Church Community Builder, you have the ability to update your contact information and privacy preferences, ensuring that your information is always up-to-date and accurate. This feature allows you greater control over your personal information and privacy. 

You can stay up to date with the ministries that you want to hear from. 

Do you like creation care events or ministries along the border?  Well, with these new tools, you can curate your own list of ministry groups to be the first to know about new events and opportunities. 

The response from members who have already joined is overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciate the convenience of being able to access up-to-date news, connect with groups, and donate online.

Church Community Builder and the EDSD App work hand-in-hand to update each other with current information. That means any event you register for will be logged in Church Community Builder and the EDSD App. 

Members get a new way to stay connected with the Diocese and with each other. The platform provides tools to communicate with other people through group channels. (All of which is controllable through your personal profile–if you don’t want to receive messages, you have the ability to turn them off or limit them to specific groups.)

The benefits of using these tools extend beyond engagement.

One of the advantages of using these tools is the ability to give easily and securely through the EDSD App or Church Community Builder. Donors can set up recurring donations or give one-time gifts and can choose to give to specific funds or causes within the diocese. With the platform’s reporting and accounting features, the Diocese can streamline donation and financial workflows–keeping better track of donations. And with the ability to keep up-to-date information on members, the diocese can better understand its community and make more informed decisions about how to serve.

Every digital product and service EDSD provides is created with great care and intentionality. These tools are designed to help you pursue a deeper relationship with God in a safe and secure manner. These tools are here to serve you, and you have choices in your experience. You choose what you access. You choose what you share, and with whom. Your data is yours. EDSD does not sell your information, nor do we share it with others without your consent. Your privacy is very important to us. 

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego believes that this step into the digital world will help connect individuals with each other, increase generosity and participation, and improve transparency in the financial management processes. In the end, we believe that this new tool will help us be a better diocese and a better church. 

Join us on the EDSD App today by scanning the QR code above. If you are having trouble setting up your profile or making a donation, contact Alyson Terry, EDSD Registrar, at aterry@edsd.org.  

Overview of the EDSD Cellphone App

Overview of the Church Community Builder and EDSD Cellphone Application


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One reply to “Church Community Builder and the EDSD Cellphone App

  1. Don | on June 30, 2023

    How much does this cost?

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