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After the Storm

In January, San Diego experienced a winter storm that dropped more than three inches of rain across the county in just a few hours. For some parts of the country, this may not seem like much rain, but for a dry region such as ours, the result was devastating in some San Diego communities. Not only was the San Diego River flowing at heights rarely seen, Chollas Creek–the urban creek that flows from Lemon Grove to Barrio Logan–overflowed and flooded several neighborhoods, displacing more than a thousand residents. Approximately .7% of San Diego County property owners have flood insurance, leaving the over 500 households impacted with less support to recover from the damage.

In the tenth chapter of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus is asked what must be done to secure eternal life. He encourages the individual asking this to love God with every fiber of their being and care for their neighbor. Jesus’s response is followed by another question, “Who is my neighbor?” The answer comes to us a parable popularized as the “Good Samaritan.” He tells the story of a Samaritan who sees a man wounded on the side of the road. The Samaritan comes to the wounded man’s aid, takes him to safety, and pays for his rest and recuperation. This, Jesus says, is the definition of one who loves their neighbor.

Love of neighbor does not look away from the pain of the world when others do. This kind of love comes near to the pain to understand what sacrifice is required to heal such pain. This kind of love was demonstrated last January. Through collaborative efforts with neighboring congregations, EDSD was able to extend assistance to six households residing in the South Bay neighborhoods of San Diego. Recent immigrants and long-standing residents alike were impacted by the storm and assisted by the aid you offered. Whether these funds were utilized to reconstruct damaged homes or relocate displaced families, your generosity was a tangible manifestation of God’s love for a few neighbors who genuinely needed it.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the two congregations, 18 donors, and one partner diocese who helped us accomplish this work. As we continue to navigate the aftermath of this disaster and work towards rebuilding and healing, the generosity we witnessed is a testament to the power of collective action within our diocese. When we join together, pooling our resources and talents, the magnitude of what we can achieve expands. While EDSD may not be as large or well-resourced as other institutions involved in the recovery, the swift and compassionate response to the crisis reflects the strength and courage of our diocesan family.

Serving our neighbors is a central component of the Courageous Love campaign. Through the Courageous Love fund, we will continue to strengthen the work conducted by local congregations to meet the needs of their neighborhoods. This is not only how we honor God but how we give witness to God’s goodness in our communities. Together, we will provide affordable housing, care for the unhoused, provide food security, support immigrants, and continue alleviating suffering in our neighborhoods. If you would like to support such efforts, become a Courageous Love donor. If you would like to discuss your gift, contact me at jevans@edsd.org or (619) 481-5451.


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