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Church Growth

We equip all Episcopalians in our diocese to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing God’s love and spreading the Good News of Christ with those who may not know him. This mission is not reserved for clergy alone but is a collective calling that invites all Episcopalians to participate actively. By fostering a deep understanding of God’s love and the transformative power of Christ’s message, we aim to equip our community with the tools and confidence needed to reach out to those who have yet to experience the grace and redemption offered by Christ.

For Me

Our commitment to church growth is rooted in the practices of evangelism and invitation–inviting others into a transformative relationship with Christ within a welcoming community. We focus on equipping you with the skills for heartfelt evangelism, fostering an inviting culture that mirrors the love and openness of Jesus.

For My Church

We are dedicated to empowering your community with essential tools for spiritual growth and outreach. Equip your members with the confidence and skills to share the transformative message of Christ effectively, and strive to be a beacon of hope and service, addressing the needs around us and fostering deep, meaningful connections beyond our walls.

With My Diocese

Our vision extends beyond the walls of our current congregation into the vital realms of church planting and campus ministry. We are passionate about seeding new faith communities where they are most needed, cultivating spaces of worship, fellowship, and discipleship in diverse settings.

Stories About Church Growth


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