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Sacred Ground

Note: New diocesan Sacred Ground circles are formed throughout the year. The Racial Justice and Reconciliation Task Force invites you to sign up now to join the next diocesan circle.

What is Sacred Ground?

Sacred Ground is a film- and reading-based dialogue series on race and racism offered throughout the Episcopal Church. These faith-centered encounters create space for dialogue that is difficult but respectful and transformative. The series consists of 11 sessions, is open to all, and is especially designed to help people talk with others about such difficult topics. Learn more here.Dialogue Circles

Small groups (circles) are invited to walk through chapters of the United States’ history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identities. It holds as its guiding star the vision of Beloved Community, where all people are honored, protected and nurtured as beloved children of God.

To date, roughly 600 individuals in the Diocese of San Diego have participated in various Sacred Ground circles. The Racial Justice and Reconciliation Task Force (RJRTF) will be glad to help more people and all congregations to participate.

We invite and encourage everyone to participate in one of two ways:

Sacred Ground Curriculum

Who Can Participate?

Congregational Sacred Ground Circles  

Congregations are encouraged to establish their own Sacred Ground circles, and RJRTF is available to help get you started and provide general guidance and support. Please help RJRTF to maintain a participant registry by emailing Jill Henderson at Jfh@cox.net with the information below. We thank you in advance for helping us keep track of Sacred Ground participation.

Have More Questions?

For further questions or more information, please contact the Racial Justice and Reconciliation Task Force.


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