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Bishop’s Book Study: Week Five

Week Four: Chapter Four, Prayer in Solitude

Discussion Questions:

1. What part of this chapter truly stood out for you, caught your attention, raised new questions for you?

2. Have you ever engaged in the sacrament of reconciliation? If so, what was your experience? Think for yourself (not for sharing with others) what you would want to confess if you engaged in it now, and consider whether you would want to seek out a priest to confess to.

3. Take four pieces of paper and write a heading on each: Physical, Emotional/Relational, Mental, and Spiritual. Over the course of several days, write ideas on the pages as they occur to you, for ways you could add to a Rule of Life in each area. At the end of several ideas, consolidate your ideas into some simple steps you could take in each area. Start small and save more complex ideas to add later.

4. Share your draft Rule of Life with another person, and listen to their ideas and contributions. If they have drafted a Rule of Life, listen to their ideas and adopt any that you think might be helpful to you.

5. Consider finding a spiritual friend or friends – either a spiritual director, a close friend, or a small group that will walk a spiritual journey and help you stay accountable to your spiritual path.

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