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Small Groups

Whether you call them “Small Groups,” “Life Groups,” or whatever else, these gatherings are the foundation of discipleship. If you have questions about these resources or ideas to share, or would like assistance getting a small group discipleship ministry started at your church, please contact Charlette Preslar.

Building an Intentional Small Group Ministry

This new resource from the Episcopal Church was created to help congregations start new small group ministries or to help guide existing small groups (vestry, bible study, youth group, etc.) into intentional discipleship groups. This document gives you everything you need (and more!) to begin a powerful ministry of discipleship in your church. If you would like additional assistance, training or advisement on starting a new small group ministry, please contact Charlette Preslar.

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Small Groups: Principle, Purpose, and Praxis

Are you thinking of starting a Discipleship Group in your congregation? This resource gives some additional insight into the “why” of small groups, and shares three important principles that we can learn from Jesus’ example of small group discipleship in the gospels. These three principles of Relationship, Learning, and God’s Presence, correspond to three elements that should be central to every small group gathering.

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Ideas for Small Group Content

Just as Jesus provided intentional opportunities for learning and growth to his small group of disciples, we need to make sure our small groups provide some type of content that will help us remain on a path of growth and spiritual formation.

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