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Bishop’s Book Study: Week 3

Week Three: Chapter Three, Sanctifying Time through the Liturgical Round

Discussion Questions:

1. What part of this chapter truly stood out for you, caught your attention, raised new questions for you?

2. What do you find to be helpful practices to structure your time so that you experience meaning? If you are currently sheltering at home, what practices help you find joy and fulfillment?

3. Find a way to experience one of the Daily Offices – either pray it yourself at home, find an online option offered by a congregation, or use one of the websites for daily prayer. What do you experience as you move through the Office? What questions came up for you?

4. Have you ever felt that prayer was work, and you weren’t sure how to do it properly? Or, on the other hand, have you had true mystical experiences in prayer? What practices seem to be best suited to helping you experience a connection with God?

5. What is your favorite season of the liturgical year? What aspects of this season speak to you most profoundly? Which season do you have the hardest time understanding or connecting to?

6. Have you had experiences reading the Bible where it dismayed, puzzled, offended, or frightened you? How have you made sense of these passages? Does it help to think of the entire Bible as a dialogue, where each part speaks to every other part, and Jesus as the Incarnate Word of God illuminates it all?

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