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Bishop’s Book Study: Week 1

Week One: Introduction and Chapter One

Discussion Questions:

What part of this chapter truly stood out for you, caught your attention, or raised new questions for you?

What do you know about your own baptism? How old were you, and who made the decision that you would be baptized? How hav eyou lived into that decision over the course of your lifetime?

Christians believe that Jesus was sinless. Why do you think he made the decision to be baptized? What significance does that have for us as Christians?

Who is the active agent in baptism? Is it God, is it human beings, or is it some combination? What is our role in living into our baptism?

Looking at the baptismal promises on BCP P. 304-5, how have you seen Christians live these promises out? which ones come naturally to you? Which ones are more difficult? How should the church as a whole being living into our call to live the baptized life?

In baptism, we are united with Christ forever. When in your life have you been most conscious of this unity with Jesus? When has it been more difficult? What spiritual practices help you to remain aware of his presence with you?

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