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Fall 2022

Course Descriptions

New Testament I

David Moseley, Ph.D.

This class is the first part of a two-part course that forms an introductory survey of the many writings compiled into the New Testament (“Christian Scriptures”), focusing on the Gospels, which are Ancient Religious Biographies written about Jesus of Nazareth. We will consider just who this man was, or is, and what he really taught, and how we are supposed to ascribe significance to his life, words, deeds, and death – and reputed resurrection. And the greatest mystery of all: How did an artisan from an obscure part of the Roman Empire within a relatively short period come to be regarded as the ‘Chosen One’, the resurrected Son of God, the Messiah, the Christ, such that men and women would die for their confession of faith in him — this human being they believed to be an incarnated revelation of God, who bridged the chasm separating heaven and earth, between time and eternity? Advances in archeological discovery, historical research and textual scholarship allow us to survey this person from a critical vantage point hitherto unavailable to previous generations. Starting with the social, political and religious world in which Jesus lived, we will examine the distinctive portrayal of Jesus in the four Gospels, noting their particular emphases, before trying to get behind the Gospels to catch a glimpse of the ‘historical Jesus.’ Students will be exposed to the literary genres, forms and motifs that comprise these writings. The texts will be placed in the historical, cultural, sociological and religious world of their audience. Students will learn a variety of techniques, which are helpful in the analysis of Biblical texts: these include analysis of form and structure, as well as genre, historical and redaction criticism. Students will be encouraged to put knowledge to use as they apply Biblical interpretation to theological construction and pastoral practice.

Fall 2022

Monday Schedule

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. New Testament I, David Moseley, Ph.D.

If you have inquiries of a non-academic nature, including course enrollment, fees and admission policies, please contact Alyson Terry, aterry@edsd.org or 619-481-5455.

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