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School for Ministry: Curriculum

The School for Ministry offers a two-year Certificate of Studies which is designed to give students a sound theological education for ministry in the Diocese of San Diego. The Certificate is the primary tool for training deacons in the diocese. However, it is a valuable education for all baptized persons. The course of study functions on a two-year (Emmaus Year and Manna Year) cycle with each course taught once every other year. Students can begin with either year. In addition, there are summer course offered either every year or every other year.
Students may take a “full load” and complete the certificate of studies in two years including one summer. The can also pursue a personally designed course of study over a longer period of time. Students are also welcome to take individual courses that meet their own needs or personal interests.

Requirements for Certificate of Studies:

Our offerings are divided into four area of study: Holy Scripture, Church and Witness, Worship, and Practice of Ministry. A catalog of course offerings is in production and will be added in March of 2022.

The requirements for the certificate of studies are:

Note: 1.00 credits=One 12 Session Class (2 hours in length); courses with less credit has proportionally less in class time and work requirements.

Holy Scripture

Hermeneutics 0.25 Credits
Hebrew Scripture I 1.00 Credits
Hebrew Scripture II 1.00 Credits
New Testament I 1.00 Credits
New Testament II 1.00 Credits
4.25 Credits

Church and Witness

Church and Witness I 1.00 Credits
Church and Witness I 1.00 Credits
Church and Witness I 1.00 Credits
Church and Witness I 1.00 Credits
Ethics 1.00 Credits
Christian Spirituality 1.00 Credits
6 Credits


Liturgy I 1.00 Credits
Liturgy II 0.25 Credits
Preaching 1.00 Credits
2.25 Credits

Foundations in Ministry

Church Mission and Society 1.00 Credits
Theological Field Ed 2.00 Credits
Formation and Discipleship 0.50 Credits
Ecumenism and Interfaith Ministry 0.50 Credits
Practical Theology (Pastoral Care) 1.00 Credits
The Beloved Community 1.00 Credits
Public Ministry 1.00 Credits
Constitution and Canons 0.50 Credits
Seminar on Ordained Ministry 8.50 Credits
6 Credits

TOTAL: 21 Credits


Constitution and Canons (Title IV)*
The Beloved Community*
Liturgics II*
Christian Spirituality

*Offered every other summer

Manna Year

Fall Semester

Fall 2021
Hebrew Bible I
Liturgy I
Practical Theology
Christian Witness III

Spring Semester

Spring 2022
Hebrew Bible II
Church Mission & Society
Christian Witness IV

Emmaus Year

Fall Semester

Fall 2022
New Testament I
Christian Witness I
Seminar on Ordained Ministry
Christian Ethics

Spring Semester

Spring 2023
New Testament II
Christian Witness II
Public Ministry
Christian Formation & Discipleship and
Ecumenism & Interfaith Ministry

Theological Field Education

Theological Field Education I and Theological Field Education II will be taken in a student’s second year. For Students who are postulants for Holy Orders.

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