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The last few years have been hard. And we all need help healing. Racial strife, COVID19, and immigration issues have pushed us to the limit. While everyone’s recent hardships are different, we are all in this together. Some have had it more difficult than others. The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is here to help. Join us in healing each other. Help apply your energy into demanding social change and to helping those in the deepest need. Know that you make the world a better place and that the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is in your corner.


We wear masks. We support vaccinations. We strive to protect, uplift, and support the most vulnerable around us. In the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we know how difficult COVID has been, and we are looking forward to joining you in celebration–of healing and filling yourself with the overpowering force of Christ’s love. Our churches are perfect places to re-enter community–to find new friends, neighbors, and to meet God. Find a worshiping community near you

Border Ministries

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego shares 140 miles of international border with Mexico, and we celebrate our opportunity to partner, aid, and worship with our Mexican brothers and sisters.

In 2021, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego began coordinating enrichment and spiritual care services for the unaccompanied migrant children were living at the San Diego Convention Center. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and these are God’s beloved children who will be our neighbors for a short time. Caring for them answers God’s commandment to love others. We are glad to add their spiritual care to the many other ways our churches help those in need in the greater San Diego area.

Serving Others

Everyone is full of power, potential, and purpose. When we experience the life-giving, liberating love of Jesus Christ, it can enable us to find and fulfill that purpose. Here at EDSD there are countless opportunities to discover why we are here, and an open invitation to join in with what God is doing in us, around us and through us.

Racial Reconciliation

Becoming the Beloved Community of God is not a naïve or idealistic endeavor. We believe in community. We believe in loving each other in community. We recognize the sharp, ugly edge of racism in our country.

Here, in The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we are working to educate ourselves and to move forward in productive, loving ways to bring about God’s beloved community. We seek a loving, liberating and life-giving relationship with one another. We strive to heal and transform injustice and brokenness in ourselves, in our communities, in our institutions, and in our neighborhoods. Learn more about EDSD’s Racial Reconciliation work

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