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Good News

“The GNF was an amazing experience and, from all accounts, very successful.”

– Darien, St. Paul’s Cathedral

“We had lots of fun; never did I think I would love being Episcopalian this much!”

– Good News Festival Youth

“Thank you all for such a special time in our church. I think I am just now coming off the high!”

– Sandi, St. Peter’s Del Mar

“I needed a good battery charge in my life, and this did just that. Everyone was so kind, and I so enjoyed myself. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I came to serve you by volunteering through San Diego Pride. So I would ask, “may I show you the way ” and it so inspired me. God loves you; God loves us all. Thank you for the opportunity to serve!”

– Johnny, San Diego Pride 

“Love always! – that is what it means to follow Jesus!”

– Good News Festival Youth

“It was a joyous and hope-filled time of renewal. I personally loved the prayer time.”

– Rebbeca, Point Loma Nazarene University

“Wow! What enthusiasm, excitement, and energy was exhibited at the Good News Festival in San Diego Saturday evening. Happiness, Love, Peace, and Joy-ALWAYS LOVE. Bishop Curry, Canon Stephanie, Bishop Susan all dancing, laughing and sharing their love to all.”

– Sally, Lebanon, New Hampshire

“I love it here because I get to be me!”

– Good News Festival Youth

“It was a grand slam home run of an event!”

– Steve, St. David’s

“I hung out with my buddies and I met new people who were cool too.”

– Good News Festival Youth

“My church loves everybody, and they aren’t afraid to tell the world.”

– Good News Festival Youth

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