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Formation Updates

Welcome to the Formation Leaders Updates page, your central hub for staying connected with the latest activities, resources, and events in the realm of spiritual education and leadership. Here, you’ll find regular updates on upcoming meet-ups, innovative teaching resources, enriching workshops, and collaborative opportunities that will not only enhance your leadership skills but also deepen your impact in guiding others on their spiritual paths.

Whether you’re looking for the latest trends in faith-based education or seeking to network with like-minded leaders, this space is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and community connections, all aimed at supporting your vital role in spiritual formation.


February 23, 2024

I just posted the first registration update for Nightwatch. It is a slow start with four for now. Please check through the list and see who is listed, and who isn’t listed that you expected to be! You can access the lists under the registration tab of this page. Remember that updated lists are posted on Fridays!

Also, please have your congregations and any chaperones/drivers complete the forms below. I can’t start ordering vans until I know who is going! I will be renting minivans, so please don’t worry if you thought it was going to be large vans. I know the trip over the mountain can be daunting, and so I went with smaller vans.

Congregation Leadership  (clergy/wardens)                   Interested Chaperones     

One other reminder, next week is rollout for Shout for Joy! – this Summer’s EDSD Vacation Bible School curriculum. Please register for one of the rollout session through this link.

Shout for Joy Rollout Sessions

With continues gratitude for each of you!


February 14, 2024

On this Valentine’s Day Ash Wednesday, I am writing to you with a grateful heart for the work you will do preparing people to experience a Holy Lent. Your creativity and thoughtfulness will create room for people to prepare their hearts for the journey to the cross. It is sacred work, and it is challenging! I am praying for you this Lent and always. <3

I also have two important event registrations to highlight for you. I will send an email with downloadable images for your advertising needs.

Shout for Joy – Vacation Bible School 2024

This year’s program is a journey through the Psalms. Participants will write their own psalm, create art inspired by them, and sing songs that reverberate through their bodies and your campus! If you would like to utilize this year’s curriculum, please register for one of the rollouts. You can find details on it through the hyperlink at the start of this paragraph. To read more about this year’s program, as well as a reflection from a few of last year’s participating congregations, please read the article on the diocesan website.

Nightwatch Pilgrimage to the Desert

The annual EDSD Lent youth retreat is going on a pilgrimage this year! Vans will load in various areas of San Diego on Saturday morning to begin the pilgrimage. The trip will include a sustainability program at St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert, walking the Cross Trail, and culminate in an overnight at St. John’s, Indio. We will explore the last piece of Micah 6:8, considering how we are called to Walk Humbly with God. This beloved program provides space for young people to connect with youth from around the diocese and share the joy of worshiping and playing together. The event is $50 per participant, open to grades 6-12, and includes transportation, games, food, small group work, worship, laughter, love, friendship, and more!

Chaperones/Drivers are needed for this event. Chaperones/Drivers are requested when you are sending 3 or more participants. Please let me know if you would like to set up a time to talk about how diocesan collaborative projects are structured. Utilize the two forms below based on the role at your congregation. Both forms must be completed in order to complete chaperone teams.

Congregation Leadership  (clergy/wardens)                   Interested Chaperones           

Please email me with questions.



January 9, 2024

Registration is open for this year’s diocesan hybrid confirmation program, We Believe! This program allows participants to take the next step in their faith journey with friends from all over the diocese. The majority of the program is online, building connections across distances and helping to navigate difficult teen schedules. The success of this program requires only a a small amount from all of us. Here is how you can engage with the program:

  • Share the story from last year.
  • Print flyers to hand out at youth group.
  • Register to co-lead a session. The Zoom links and lesson plans from last year are available as jumping off points. 
  • Find mentors for the young people in your congregation.
  • Ask questions, engage, encourage, partner in the journey with your students!

Registration is open now!



January 4, 2024

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first Leaders Corner Update! This page will hold periodic updates from me including resources that I come across that may be helpful for you in your ministry. I hope you will take a few minutes today to poke through the pages here in the password protected area, as well as those on the main formation page. They are not complete, YET, but I wanted to give you access to what is here.

Please take special note of the registration tab as it contains a list of all of the registrations for the program year, the date they open, and the date they will close. I will also work to have a current registration list to each registration. I hope to update that weekly.

I know that email gets cumbersome to navigate. I am hopeful that having a primary location to look for information will be helpful to your ministry. I am grateful for each of you and your ministries. Please let me know how I can support you!

I came across this fun (and free) resource from Illustrated Ministry that is designed for youth group, but could easily be adapted for upper grade elementary use. Enjoy!




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