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Showers of Blessings

Showers of Blessings is a remarkable program operated by churches throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. Its mission is to extend a helping hand to men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness in the coastal area of San Diego County. By providing showers, this program recognizes the fundamental human need for cleanliness–restoring dignity, promoting well-being, and offering hope to those facing challenging circumstances.

Through the grace of God and the generous support of donors, the Showers of Blessings program was made possible in 2014. The first mobile shower trailer was purchased. This trailer became a symbol of hope and love and is a regular light for those in need. In 2018, a second trailer was purchased to exclusively serve the North County of San Diego.

Operating every week at various locations, the program offers much more than just showers. Volunteers, driven by their faith and a desire to serve, provide clean clothes, socks, toiletries, and fresh towels, ensuring that guests have the means to maintain personal hygiene. The welcoming smiles and warm conversation create an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance, fostering belonging for each guest.

Showers of Blessings is hosted by six Episcopal parishes in coastal areas that actively serve individuals experiencing homelessness. Together, these communities of faith have formed a united front, pooling their resources and efforts to reach out to the most vulnerable in their midst.

Volunteers are trained and certified. Everyone who volunteers to serve at Showers of Blessings is required to complete Safe Church Safe Communities training before participating.

Upcoming Showers

Get Involved

Are you interested in having the showers come to your church for a function you have scheduled for people who are homeless or contributing to this ministry or participating on a volunteer basis? Need help organizing training and volunteers? Are you able to make a donation of any of the following items: shampoo, conditioner, razors, combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes; clean clothing and shoes, (especially men’s) socks, underwear?


Contact Canon Allan Dorsey or Jeff Green to volunteer for Showers of Blessings or to make donations.

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