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Future Bound Solar Initiative

Many people of faith are gravely concerned about the current climate disruption. Over the last thirty years, climate disasters have tripled as our planet has continued to warm. Episcopalians everywhere are taking this seriously. Our diocese has established a Creation Care Task Force to assist our congregations in addressing climate change on a local level. We endeavor to bring about peace, justice, and a right relationship with Jesus and all of creation. Through the efforts of the Task Force, 37% of the churches in the Diocese of San Diego are working on creation care initiatives and 12 congregations have already installed solar power on their buildings.

These congregations recognize that solar energy is one of the many ways we can address the need for sustainable energy in this climate crisis and demonstrate our faith in God. Scripture tells us that all of creation belongs to God (Ps 24:1) and was made by God (Gen 1:1-27). As part of the created world (Eccl 3:18-20), we are called to care for it (Gen 2:15) and we hope for the restoration of this planet that God longs for with us (Rev 21:1-3).

Installing solar not only benefits the congregation but also those in our communities whose health and well-being are directly affected by a rapidly warming climate. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says that all instruction found in Scripture hangs on the commands to love God and love our neighbor (Matt 22:34-40). Renewable energy is a tangible way for our congregations to ensure a positive effect on creation and our neighbors near and far.

For more information on solar energy use in congregations or next steps for solar installation on your church campus click here.

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