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Global Mission Survey

As part of General Convention’s mandate Resolution A016, The Episcopal Church office has asked each diocese to appoint a Global Mission Advocate to network with each other and, of course, promote global mission within the Church. Bishop Susan has appointed the Rev. Bill Shwartz to take up that role for our diocese. The passion and energy given to outreach in this diocese on and across the border are exemplary among TEC’s dioceses. We are also aware that there are parishes with mission interest/commitment in supporting the work of the Church in Haiti, Jerusalem, parts of Central America and Africa – and more.

We know you are all busy. Brief responses are welcome. Rev. Bill would be very grateful for feedback from you about your parish’s involvement in outreach, both local and international. We have time in the future to further develop thoughts, ambitions, passions, networks, and partnerships; this survey is simply an initial attempt to draw a broad and informal picture of the good work that is going on throughout our diocese.


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