Liturgics I - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego Liturgics I - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

Liturgics I


Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Alex Nagy

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the liturgical traditions of the Episcopal Church as currently embodied in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). Students will explore the 16th century origins of the BCP, and both the continuity of and developments in Anglican liturgy over the succeeding centuries. They will also be introduced to contemporary liturgical forms in light of this heritage as well as considerations that account for the culture, age, gender, languages, etc., of contemporary worshippers. Finally, students will be given opportunity to form and evaluate liturgies together.

Required Summer reading:
The Prayer Book Through the Ages revised edition of The Story of the Real Prayer Book by William Sydnor. Morehouese Publishing: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1997.