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New Testament II

New Testament II

David Moseley

Syllabus: Click HERE to download.

Welcome to New Testament II!  This class continues to explore the discipline of academic Biblical Studies, building on the material covered in New Testament 1, specifically, the literature of the Early Apostolic Church, especially the Life and Writings of Paul.

Course Schedule

Part One: The Early Church & Apostolic Christianity
1.1     Introduction to New Testament 2: Christianity within the Worlds of 1st Century C.E. Judaism & The Greco-Roman Empire (Jan 12)
1.2    The Early Church: Acts I – Peter & the Jews (Jan 19) – Assignment #2
1.3    The Early Church: Acts II – Paul & the Gentiles (Jan 26) – Assignment #3 

Part Two: The Pauline Epistles
2.1    Paul: The Man & The Mission (I Thessalonians & Galatians) (Feb 9)
2.2    Paul’s Theology: Romans (Feb 16)
2.3    Paul’s Churches: I Corinthians (Feb 23)
2.4    Paul’s Churches: II Corinthians (Mar 9)
2.5    The Shorter Pauline Epistles I: Colossians, Philippians, II Thessalonians & Philemon (Mar 16)
2.6    The Shorter Pauline Epistles II: Ephesians, I & II Timothy and Titus (Mar 23)

Part Three: Non-Pauline Epistles
3.1    Hebrews, I & II Peter, James and Jude (Mar 30)
3.2    The Johannine Epistles (Apr 6)

Part Four: The Apocalypse
4.1    Revelation (Apr 13)