St. Luke's, San Diego - North Park - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego St. Luke's, San Diego - North Park - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

St. Luke’s, San Diego – North Park


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

3725 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Vicars: The Rev. Laurel Mathewson & The Rev. Colin Mathewson

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Service Times: Sundays, 7:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.

Sunday School and Childcare: 11:15 a.m.




We are called to create spaces for God’s grace to form life-changing relationships with Christ and each other across lines of privilege and prejudice.


St. Luke’s North Park is a Christian community seeking justice and healing in this colorful and dynamic neighborhood of San Diego.  Our congregation began in 1923 with the arrival of All Saints’ chapel building on 30th and Gunn Streets, and became known over the decades to follow for its service to others (as with the organization of the first school for children with autism in the city) and for healing (the founder of the International Order of St. Luke, John Gayner Banks, was St. Luke’s first rector).  

In the past fifteen years God has led us to a new blessing: to serve as one of the primary cultural centers for South Sudanese Americans in the city, and more recently, for Congolese refugees. Worshipping with us is a joyous and memorable experience!  We also are proud to host sixteen twelve-step support meetings on campus each week and look for new ways to serve our local recovery community; and we are grateful to host Uptown Community Service Center and its good work with the unhoused persons of North Park.  We are also proud partners with RefugeeNet and the International Rescue Committee on an urban farming and commercial kitchen project.

We dream to be a place where all people can enter into uncomfortable and brave spaces with others different than themselves — different races, ethnicities, classes, creeds, sexual orientations, and gender identities — and find their perspectives and hearts transformed.  We follow a God who loves each of us especially for who we are and desires that every single human among us has all she or he needs to thrive in this world.  Until that day comes, we will work alongside God’s powerful Spirit to do justice in this hurting world and help all people find a loving and dignified home.  We are members of the Episcopal Church, a denomination striving imperfectly and sincerely to offer this radical hospitality to all.

Join us on Sundays at 7:45 am (quiet contemplative service and Holy Communion) and 11:15 am (Holy Communion, music with drums and choir, and nursery and Sunday School for children)!