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Diocesan Messenger

As the official publication of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, the Diocesan Messenger reaches approximately 11,000 households representing every congregation in the diocese (San Diego, Riverside, Imperial Counties and Yuma, Arizona). Reaching laypersons and clergy, this newspaper informs, inspires, teaches and promotes understanding among the diverse constituencies in the diocese.

The Messenger is published March, June and September and features stories on the people, ministries and congregations in the Diocese of San Diego. To receive the Messenger, or to submit story ideas, contact the editor, Hannah Wilder.

Sample Bulletin Announcement

Would you like to know what’s going on with our bishop search? Want to know what other Episcopal churches are up to? Have you been wondering about recent clergy transitions? It’s all in the Diocesan Messenger, which is free! Please visit: edsd.org/diocesan.messenger or email your name and address to: hwilder@edsd.org. We hope you enjoy the articles and that you feel connected to the larger Episcopal Church.

Receiving the Messenger

To update your mailing address, or if you would like to be removed from our mailing list, contact Hannah Wilder. You can also update your mailing address and other information by logging into Access ACS.

Upcoming Messenger Deadlines:

July 16
Deadline for all content and ads for the September Messenger

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