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Executive Council


In its organizational life, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is constituted as a California nonprofit corporation. According to law, the board of directors of the diocesan executive council is the body which holds the authority to conduct the official business of the diocese, including controlling its property and exercising all other powers named in the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws.

Mr. David Bagley, chancellor
Mrs. Pat Carson, first vice president
Mrs. Martha Curatolo, second vice president
The Rev. Canon Nancy Holland, assistant secretary
Mr. Darryl Peralta, secretary to convention and secretary
The Rev. Kirby Smith, treasurer and canon for finance
Mr. Jim Stiven, chair

November 2018 Term

Ms. Terry Farrelly, Christ Church, Coronado
The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk, St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego
Ms. Jan Romerdahl, St. Margaret’s, Palm Desert

November 2019 Term

Ms. Susan Hulbert, St Paul’s Cathderal
Ms. Verdery Kassebaum, Good Samaritan, San Diego
The Rev. Timothy True, St. Paul’s, Yuma

November 2020 Term

Ms. Judy Brown, St. Alban’s, El Cajon
Ms. Pat Carson, St. Peter’s, Del Mar
The Rev. Pamela Rieger, All Souls’, San Diego

November 2021 Term

The Rev. Cristina Borges, St. Matthew’s, National City
Mr. Joseph Jok, St. Luke’s, San Diego
Ms. Jennifer Jow, St. Paul’s Cathedral

Committees of Diocesan Executive Council

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee ensures a proper audit of diocesan financial statements. Occasionally, the committee offers observations related to risk management, as well.

Ms. Judy Brown, St. Alban’s, El Cajon
Mr. Wayne Hatch, St. Paul’s Cathedral
Mrs. Anastasia Rechif, St. Mark’s, San Diego
The Rev. Kirby Smith, staff liaison

Finance Committee

Mr. Tim Agnew
Ms. Pat Carson
Mr. Chris Christopher
The Rev.Joseph Dirbaschair
Ms. Terry Farrelly
Canon, Julie Young, staff liaison

Investment Committee

Mr. Michael Reichle, PhD, chair
Canon Julie Young, staff liaison

Property Committee

The Ven. Robert Nelson, staff liaison
The Rev. Thomas Wilson, chair
Canon Julie Young, ex-officio

Budget Committee

Mr. Tim Agnew, ex-officio
Ms. Gail Jones, chair
Canon Julie Young, staff liaison

Personnel Committee

Ms. Equilla Luke, PhD, chair
Canon Julie Young, staff liaison

Formation Committee

The Rev. Cristina Borges
Ms. Catherine Campbell
Ms. Judy Cater
Ms. Verdery Kassebaum
The Rev. Pam Rieger, chair
The Rev. Cn. Allisyn Thomas, staff liaison

Coalition on Schools Committee

Mr. Scott Crispell, chair
Ms. Judy Cater
Ms. Lisa Johnston
Mr. Tony Reina
Ms. Jenny Smith

School for Ministry (SFM) Board of Advisors

Ms. Judy Cater, chair
The Rev. Chris Harris
The Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet
Mr. Joe Gamboa
The Rev. Cn. 
Allisyn Thomas, staff liaison

Children, Youth, & Young Adults

The Rev. Richard Hogue
Ms. Alex Howard
Ms. Susan Hulbert, chair
Ms. Charlette Preslar
Mr. David Tremaine
Ms. Hannah Wilder, staff liaison

Multiculturalism Committee

Ms. Martha Curatolo, chair
The Rev. Carlos Garcia-Tuiran, staff liaison
Mr. Rom Ituarte
Mr. Joseph Jok
The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk
Hanh Tran
The Rev. Tim True

Communications Committee

Ms. Pat Carson, co-chair
Ms. Heather Holliday
Ms. Susan Jester
Ms. Anne Kellett
Mr. Daniel Love
Ms. Charlette Preslar
Ms. Hannah Wilder, co-chair

Development Committee

Mr. Jerry Campbell
Ms. Susan Hulbert
Ms. Jennifer Jow
The Rev. Jeff Martinhaukchair
The Rev. Janet Wheelock
Ms. Hannah Wilder

Congregational Resourcing Committee

Ms. Judy Brown
Ms. Judy Cater, chair
Ms. Martha Curatolo
The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
The Rev. Canon Nancy Holland
Rom Ituarte
Gail Jones
The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk
Ms. Hannah Wilder

Advocacy Committee

Ms. Verdery Kassebaum
Ms. Equilla LukePh.D.
The Ven.Robert Nelsonstaff liaison
Mr. Michael Reichle, PhD
The Rev. Pamela Rieger, chair