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Should/Can you get married in an Episcopal Church?

The celebration and blessing of a marriage is an expression of Christian community in which a couple makes their vows before God and the Church, and the priest blesses the marriage on behalf of the Church.

If you are from outside the church in which you wish to get married, it is, therefore, very important that you do not announce a wedding date until you and your future spouse have met with the priest and the suitability of the celebration of your marriage has been determined.

Marriage Prerequisites in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

  • At least one person must be baptized in the Episcopal Church
  • Attend at least one Sunday service at the church where you would like your wedding performed
  • The couple must participate in pre-marital counseling
  • An Episcopal priest must preside



I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing
This is the liturgy approved for use in same-gender weddings at General Convention 2015

Holiness in Relationships Task Force Report
Congregations are encouraged to study the Holiness in Relationships Task Force Report and receive the vestry’s permission before proceeding with same-gender weddings.

Remarriage Guidelines Cover MemoGuidelines for Marriage after One Divorce
Declaration of Intent Guidelines for Marriage after Two Divorces
Remarriage Request FormSolemnization of Holy Matrimony Report Form