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Background Checks

Lay Employee Background Checks

It is highly recommended that background checks be conducted for lay employees when hired. The Church Pension Group has a preferred vendor plan with Praesidium Inc. and the rates are very affordable.  In addition, they provide guidelines and explanations for background checks.

Download the Praesidium application, which should be filled out by each individual who is to have his/her background checked.

Important Note: In the boxes where you see “The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego,” please input a slash and the appropriate church name. Example: “The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego/St. Andrew’s, San Diego” and hit Enter. This will populate all of the remaining boxes.

The completed forms can be returned to the diocese for processing either by email: Alyson Terry or mail:

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Attn: Alyson Terry, Registrar 
2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107


Once the Praesidium application is completed, please return it to the registrar, who will submit it. Processing usually takes five business days. The registrar will notify you of the results by mail.

The Diocese strongly recommends that parishes and missions avail themselves of these low-cost background checks for lay employees.

Clergy Background Checks

For clergy background checks, please contact Keren Mondaca The Diocese of San Diego uses Oxford for all clergy checks.