Ordination Process

The Commission on Ministry (COM) advises and assists the bishop in implementing the canons about ministry, in supporting the needs for ministry of all baptized persons, and in the design and oversight of recruitment, discernment, and formation for lay and ordained ministry.  In recommending persons for the diaconate and priesthood, it guides and examines individuals through several stages in the process leading to ordination.

Members of the COM are appointed by the bishop for staggered, three-year terms.  It is one of three canonically mandated committees of the Commission for Development and Nurture of Ministry.

For more information, contact the Rev. John Will – com@edsd.org.

Commission on Ministry Roster

Class of 2022
The Rev. Rebecca Dinovo
Mr. Mark Patzman

The Rev. Pam Rieger

Class of 2021
The Rev. Richard Hogue Jr.
Mrs. Donna Morales
Mr. John Will

Class of 2020
The Rev. Brian Fidler, chair
Mrs. Meredith Hardy

Standing Committee liaison
The Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet

The Rev. Canon Gwynn Lynch, staff liaison