Year of Leadership

At our 50th Diocesan Convention, Bishop Susan Brown Snook announced that 2024 will be the Year of Leadership in EDSD. Throughout 2024, the Diocese is offering a number of ways for individuals to develop as leaders, both in their spiritual journey and in their practical skills to serve the community. 

At the heart of this year’s focus is Leadership Academy–a flagship event set for January 20th. This year’s academy offers three distinct tracks: Foundations, Storytelling, and Growth, each designed to cater to various aspects of leadership. We will gather at the newly formed Resurrection Episcopal Church, located at the Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach. The day will begin with Holy Eucharist and close with reflection and a sending prayer, offering participants the opportunity to enter into learning opportunities prayerfully.

Foundations focus on self-awareness in ministry, offering new training to help participants understand and utilize their unique differences as strengths. Workshops such as “Knowing Yourself: Ministry from a Place of Self-Awareness” and “Listening for God’s Call: Ministry of All the Baptized” are poised to deepen the understanding and practice of ministry for both new and seasoned leaders.

Storytelling, a critical aspect of modern leadership, addresses the power of communication in digital evangelism and community engagement. Workshops like “Digital Evangelism” and “Conversing Across Difference” are tailored to help leaders effectively share the Good News of Christ and foster meaningful conversations within diverse communities.

In the Growth track, the focus shifts to expanding ministry outreach, with a special emphasis on engaging youth and seniors. This track includes sessions on “Ministry with Seniors” and “Engaging Young Adults Beyond Campus Ministry,” demonstrating the diocese’s commitment to inclusivity and intergenerational leadership.

Leadership Academy promises more than just education; it’s a journey of growth, reflection, and deepening relationships with God and each other. Register today for Leadership Academy here. Registration is limited to 80 people and closes on January 15, 2024, at 9:00 PM.

The Year of Leadership extends beyond Leadership Academy. Throughout the year, EDSD offers a Formation Leaders Retreat at Camp Stevens, and various Lay Licenses including preaching, evangelism, eucharistic visitor, and catechist license training. These programs aim to empower lay members to take significant roles in ministry and leadership.

An integral part of this year’s theme is sharing unique examples of leadership in EDSD’s churches. These stories aim to inspire and connect the diocesan community by showcasing the impact and experiences that leaders have on the Church and their community. From profiles on leadership types to success stories of various church communities, these narratives serve as a testament to the power of leadership–lay and ordained. 

The Year of Leadership is more than a series of events and storytelling; it’s a movement toward cultivating effective and faithful leadership throughout EDSD. By offering diverse training programs, sharing inspiring stories, and creating spaces for worship and reflection, the diocese is nurturing a community where leadership is not just about roles and responsibilities but about a deep commitment to serving God and our neighbors.

As the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego begins 2024, we invite you to explore and embrace your potential as leaders. In doing so, you are not only strengthening your church community but also contributing to a world in dire need of compassionate and visionary leaders.