Episcopal Youth Event

We are already looking forward to EYE 2017 and we would love to have more of our diocesan youth participate. So read the reflections below and think about how this event could impact your child, youth group, church and diocese.

These three young men are available to speak to your congregation about their experiences, or to lead a forum.

Gabe Hulbert, freshman at UC Merced

  • “Workshops, worship sessions, keynote speakers, and a day spent seeing the work of the Episcopal Church in Philadelphia . . . at the center of all this was the message of the five marks of mission: tell, teach, tend, transform and treasure.”
  • “Bishop Curry gave the best sermon I have ever heard. He spoke about how love has the power to transform.”
  • “I was transformed by EYE 2014 and I am grateful to all who sent me there.”

Ben Hulbert, senior at Scripps Ranch High

  • “Because of EYE I now have a million new friends and a broader view of our church.”
  • “The Rev. Becca Stevens started Thistle Farms in 1996 to help women recovering from substance abuse, sex trafficking and prostitution. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard. Her words and field of work are truly remarkable and inspiring.”
  • “GO. Go into the world and change the world, make it better, make the world over in the eyes of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”
  • “EYE was the single most amazing gathering I have ever had the good fortune to attend.”
  • “I want to say thank you to the Diocese of San Diego and St. Paul’s Cathedral for making the entire trip possible!”

Max D’Amico, Junior at San Diego High

  • “While at EYE, there were many services, workshops and opportunities to make new Episco-pals and a day in Philadelphia.”
  • “If you believe in this great force of love, all you need is time and an open heart!”
  • “Looking back on EYE, what has stayed with me the most is this idea of love and that God is with us.”
  • “Church is this place where peopel come to be loved.”
  • “Every one of us in this church is here because we want to be loved, to love others or to find a deeper understanding of love.”
  • “I can’t think of a better place to find love, be loved or to understand love than St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Diocese of San Diego.”

Susan Hulbert, adult chaperone

  • “EYE was an unexpectedly transformative experience for me, bringing me closer to God, making me feel part of the larger community of Episcopalians, and inspiring me.”
  • “It turned out that attending EYE was a great gift.”
  • “The worship services allowed us to joyfully express our love, gratitude and blessings through the familiar words of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer or the Eucharist surrounded by 1,300 exuberant, joyful, faith-filled youth and adults.”
  • “I won’t soon forget the presiding bishop and about 25 other bishops dancing down the aisle to “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” in a way that Beethoven never imagined it.”
  • “Engagement with fellow Episcopalians was a highlight of EYE.”
  • “Watching our diocesan youth meet and connect with youth from all over the country and become fast friends with others, sharing their enthusiasm for God and the church was contagious and inspiring.”