Fearless Love Multicultural Focus Grant Application - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego Fearless Love Multicultural Focus Grant Application - Episcopal Diocese of San Diego 1.

Fearless Love Multicultural Focus Grant Application

Fearless Love Multicultural Focus Grant Criteria

This grant session will focus on the following:

Evangelism – Reconciliation
Following Jesus’ way of creating loving, liberating, and life-giving relationships with God, each other, and all creation. Applications will be accepted May 1 through June 15 for the 2020 grant cycle. Awards will occur in the first quarter of 2020. For questions or clarification, please contact the Rev. Canon Nancy Holland, 619-482-5452.

Priority will be given to innovative multicultural ministry ideas around:

  • Partnering with other churches in a mission area or in the diocese
  • Nurturing/energizing diverse congregations
  • Raising up young people and young adults
  • Forming disciples of all ages
  • Enhancing spiritual vitality
  • Engaging the church in its neighborhood
  • Creating new church communities in underserved areas
  • Reimagine church boldly

The diocese will accept:

  • grant applications for start-up costs for a new multicultural ministry, not for the continuation of an ongoing ministry unless there is a definite new direction added to the existing program; or
  • grant applications for seed money for start-up positions, either full- or part-time for a new ministry.

A Fearless Love Multicultural Focus grant applicant must:

  • spend grant money within one year of receipt of the grant;
  • return the final report of the funds within one year of receipt of the grant;
  • show a connection with The Episcopal Church; and
  • show financial or in-kind support.

EDSD will NOT fund:

  • project site/programs for two consecutive years;
  • capital campaigns or debt reductions;
  • deferred maintenance (repairs or upgrades to the physical plant or facility must be tied to the specific ministry or project of the current application);
  • operational budgets (meaning the proposed budget and program is the same as the year before);
  • debts obligated or incurred before the date of the grant award;
  • maintenance or printing of marketing materials, or a website; however, the initial development/creation of materials, videos, or a website can be funded;
  • fees of architects or engineers, insurance of any kind, shipping costs,
  • contingency funds or overhead costs;
  • rent or leasing of any kind;
  • modifications or construction of property; previously funded requests;
  • incomplete grants applications;
  • emergency response requests; or
  • a vehicle with a 12 or 15 passenger chassis (due to stability and insurance matters);
  • any vehicles that are not the property of a church or diocese of The Episcopal Church.

Please note – any grant application submitted that is not within the criteria guidelines will not be considered.

Grant Application

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Part 1: Basic Information

Ministry Address

Part 2: Diocesan Support

Part 3: Demographics and Area Potential

List the four closest TEC and ELCA congregations, including their average weekly attendance and distance from the primary service area:

Part 4: Ministry Plan and Funding

Part 5: Church Model

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