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Grant Application

The Diocese is implementing a new procedure for grants to congregations. Previously, grant requests were received in June/July and decision-making as to which grants would be awarded was made prior to diocesan convention. After the approval of the budget at convention, funds were dispersed early the next year. This means that seven or eight months had transpired between the grant request and receiving the funds. Things can change a lot in seven months (and oh, don’t we know that now!) and plans would often have changed, key people might have moved on, etc.  

This year, the approved budget includes $ 119,000 for Missional Congregational Development Grants to be awarded in February/March 2021. The Missional Congregational Development Grants take the place of Congregational Operating Grants, Fearless Love Grants and Multicultural Grants. The Executive Council voted to have the following priorities for grants in the coming year: racial reconciliation, community engagement, and outreach/multiculturalism. These are not the only possibilities, just priorities.  

Applications are due by January 31, 2021. After your request is received you will have a consultant assigned to you to review it with you.  

If you have questions, please contact the Rev. Canon Gwynn Lynch at glynch@edsd.org. 

Grant Application 2021
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