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Safeguarding God’s People Training

Safeguarding God's People Manual

Safeguarding God’s People teaches how exploitation and harassment occur, the awareness we need to prevent such occurrences, and – should exploitation or harassment occur – how to respond.

Who needs to attend?

  • all paid employees
  • youth group directors
  • Sunday school directors
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors and anyone going into someone’s home in any role related to the church
  • worship leaders
  • some volunteers

See below for a complete breakdown of who needs to take which courses.

How often does this training need to be renewed?

Every five years. If you aren’t sure about your renewal date, please contact Registrar Alyson Terry, 619-481-5455. We are pleased to offer this important training online at no cost.


If you have trouble with registration or other general questions, contact Registrar Alyson Terry. If you experience technical difficulties, contact Praesidium technical support, 817-801-7773.

To Enroll

  1. Go to the enrollment website
  2. Enter the registration code: edsd619
  3. Be sure to select “Employee” as your Classification even if you are a volunteer. This ensures that all of the modules you need to take will appear on the next screen.
  4. Fill out the form and click the link to enroll. Be sure to select the correct parish or location in the organization drop down.
  5. Print the page or write down your user login and password for future reference.
  6. To begin taking training immediately, click the first link or follow the instructions to the right to login later.

To Begin Training

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user login and password.
  3. Click on the title of the course to begin.
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To see what positions fall into each category, view this list.