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Workshop Descriptions

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Creative Stewardship

The Rev. Chris Harris
Are you looking for creative ways to engage your congregation in true stewardship? Would you like to foster inspiration instead of guilt when it comes to your annual pledge campaign? This workshop will help you understand the whole life stewardship that Jesus taught, and equip you to draw out faithful, joyful givers. Stewardship expert Chris Harris will lead this interactive workshop; he will touch on topics such as having fun with stewardship, the importance of relationships, bringing people together and sharing stories.

Human Resources Best Practices

Canon Julie Young and Mr. Marshall More
Our people are our most important resource and asset. They need to be treated fairly and in accordance with church canons and California employment law. This workshop will review and explain the basics of such areas as employee vs independent contractor, exempt, non-exempt and volunteer status, and other critical areas. It will also address clergy compensation and ministerial exemption. This workshop is designed for treasurers, rectors, parish administrators and vestry members.

Church Finance & Administration Best Practices

Canon Julie Young
We will cover best practices in finance, accounting and administration. Such topics as how to read a financial statement, asset management of your property, and key risk management items including internal controls, insurance, and audits will be addressed. This workshop is designed for treasurers, rectors, parish administrators and vestry members.

Consultations with Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Rosa Feeney
Rosa Feeney has a BA in accounting and she is willing to assist congregations on an individual basis regarding audits, parochial reports, income and reporting and other such issues. Sign up in advance for your 20 minute, one-on-one consultation by emailing her directly:

Changes to Clergy Pensions

Mr. Zach Peterson
The revisions, which are expected to take effect on January 1, 2018, maintain the overall value of benefits provided today and offer greater flexibility, consistency, and simplicity. The new Clergy Pension Plan is responsive to the changing needs of the Church, is equitable and balanced in its delivery of benefits to all participants, and is easier for participants to understand and for the Church Pension Group (CPG) to administer. As a lay leader who administers pensions, this information is important to understand. Come to this workshop to discuss these changes and answer any questions you may have.

Energy Improvements from LED to Solar

The Ven. Bob Nelson, Mr. Jean Dunn and Mr. Christian Dick
Solar power is becoming more and more attractive to churches as they look for ways to save money as well as the environment. Solar is most effective when paired with other energy improvements and is part of a diocesan wide solar initiative. Come to this workshop to find out more!

Setting Up a Planned Giving Program

Mr. Jim Murphy
Take the mystery out of planned giving for your parish. Learn in easy to understand terms how planned giving differs from annual stewardship and capital campaigns, and how your parish can build endowments through wills and life income and other planned gifts. After a review of the planned giving instruments, you will learn about the importance of a parish vision, protecting and growing your endowment, and how to invite others to remember your parish through estate and financial planning. You will leave the workshop with a plan of action.

Creating a Legacy Society Using ECF’s Planned Giving on Demand  

Mr. Jim Murphy
Join us to learn how to use the resources provided by ECF’s new toolkit, Planned Giving on Demand to encourage new gifts to support your parish’s future through estate and financial planning. We will also review how to create and sustain a Legacy Society to encourage giving to your parish for decades to come.

Creating a Church Disaster Plan

Mr. Jeff Green and Mr. Neil Malmquist
Attend this workshop to earn how your church can help prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. Church volunteers are critical to the community during recovery. Learn how to create an effective disaster plan that will allow you to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.